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Epidermoid cyst occurring in a pancreatic accessory spleen.
A prospective multicenter trial evaluating diagnostic validity of multivariate analysis and individual serum marker in differential diagnosis of pancreatic cancer from benign pancreatic diseases
A multivariate analysis of CAMPAS-PX2 can increase its diagnostic accuracy in differential diagnosis of pancreatic cancer from benign pancreatic or extrapancreatic disease, when compared with CA19-9 alone. Expand
Usefulness of a new tumor marker, span‐1, for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
The Span‐1 assay has a high sensitivity and specificity for pancreatic cancer, and is almost equivalent to CA19‐9 assay, however, this assay is not specific for chronic liver diseases. Expand
Clinical aspects of autoimmune pancreatitis in Sjogren's syndrome.
The clinical features and the course of autoimmune pancreatitis associated with autoimmune diseases in Japan, especially Sjogren’s syndrome, are discussed, and the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of the disease are reviewed. Expand
Exocrine pancreatic function in chronic liver diseases.
In alcoholic liver disease, exocrine pancreatic secretion tends to increase with severity of liver damage, but concurrence of definite chronic pancreatitis is not correlated with the severity, and comparison of LC and nLC indicated that the volume, BO, and amylase output were greater in LC than in nLC of alcoholic etiology, but not in those of nonalcoholic etiology. Expand
The effect of somatostatin analogue octreotide on amylase secretion from mouse pancreatic acini.
It is revealed that octreotide has a direct inhibitory effect on amylase secretion from mouse pancreatic acini and probably affects stimulus secretion coupling at a point distal to the production of cAMP, besides inhibiting adenylate cyclase. Expand
Pancreatic and biliary excretion of camostat in dogs.
It is confirmed that camostat and its active metabolite were excreted into bile but not into pancreatic juice. Expand
Relationship between pancreatic exocrine function and histological changes in chronic pancreatitis.
A highly significant correlation between direct function test (CST) and histology of the exocrine pancreas and histological findings in chronic pancreatitis was confirmed. Expand
Current status of pancreatic stone protein.
The current concept of PSP is reviewed, which was initially reported to inhibit calcium carbonate precipitation from human pancreatic juice and to be decreased in pancreatic secretions from patients with chronic pancreatitis. Expand
Sensitive serum markers for detecting pancreatic cancer
Elevated serum IRE was observed more frequently in head cancer and resectable cancer, whereas elevation in CA 19‐9 occurred more often in body‐tail cancer and unresectable cancer. Expand