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World Health Organization reference values for human semen characteristics.
Semen quality of the reference population was superior to that of the men from the general population and normozoospermic men, and provide an appropriate tool in conjunction with clinical data to evaluate a patient's semen quality and prospects for fertility. Expand
East-West gradient in semen quality in the Nordic-Baltic area: a study of men from the general population in Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Finland.
It appears that an east-west gradient exists in the Nordic-Baltic area with regard to semen parameters, this being in parallel with the incidences of testicular cancer. Expand
A Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Andrology
A Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Andrology - Libros de Medicina - Fertilidad y embarazo - 39,42
Association of in utero exposure to maternal smoking with reduced semen quality and testis size in adulthood: a cross-sectional study of 1,770 young men from the general population in five European
Maternal smoking may have long-term implications for the reproductive health of the offspring, and this is another good reason to advise pregnant women to avoid smoking. Expand
Risk factors for hypospadias in Norwegian boys - association with testicular dysgenesis syndrome?
The results support the notion that the conditions of TDS share risk factors, including low parity, low birth weight, low gestational age, inguinal hernia, bleeding during pregnancy and Caesarean section. Expand
Studies on the metabolism of essential fatty acids in isolated human testicular cells.
This finding is in agreement with previous results in rats that indicated that the Sertoli cells are the most important type of cell for the metabolism of essential fatty acids in the testis. Expand
Linkage between cryptorchidism, hypospadias, and GGN repeat length in the androgen receptor gene.
Findings indicate an association between GGN length and the risk of cryptorchidism and penile hypospadias, both conditions considered consequences of low androgenicity. Expand
Localization of a novel human A-kinase-anchoring protein, hAKAP220, during spermatogenesis.
Using a combination of protein kinase A type II overlay screening, rapid amplification of cDNA ends, and database searches, a contig of 9923 bp was assembled and characterized in which the openExpand
Akt/PTEN signaling mediates estrogen-dependent proliferation of primordial germ cells in vitro.
It is shown that relatively high concentrations of estrogens stimulate mouse PGC growth in vitro through the somatic cells of the gonadal ridges, and that estrogen stimulation of gonadal somatics cells in culture, in combination with PTEN down-regulation in PGCs and the presence of leukemia inhibitory factor in the culture medium, result in high frequency of PGC transformation in tumorigenic cells. Expand
Body Mass Index Is Associated with Impaired Semen Characteristics and Reduced Levels of Anti-Müllerian Hormone across a Wide Weight Range
It is suggested that high BMI is negatively associated with semen characteristics and serum levels of AMH, and a negative relationship was observed between BMI and total testosterone. Expand