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Subterranean clover mottle virus: another virus from Australia with encapsidated viroid‐like RNA
A new virus, subterranean clover mottle virus (SCMoV) was found at several locations in Western Australia in Trifolium subterraneum L. (subterranean clover) with severe disease symptoms. Paiticles ofExpand
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Studies on encapsidated viroid-like RNA I. Characterization of velvet tobacco mottle virus.
Velvet tobacco mottle virus (VTMoV) isolated from Nicotiana velutina growing wild in arid Central Australia was transmitted by inoculation to a limited number of plant species of which N. clevelandiiExpand
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Amino acid composition of capsid protein as a taxonomic criterion for classifying the atypical S strain of bean yellow mosaic virus.
A virus isolated from a tick bean (Vicia /aba L. var. minor Beck) from South Australia has been shown to be closely related to bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) by its particle length, by the types ofExpand
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Sites of coat protein accumulation in turnip yellow mosaic virus-infected cells.
Abstract Empty viral protein shells or viral antigen have been identified in the nuclei of Chinese cabbage infected with turnip yellow mosaic virus, Nicotiana glutinosa infected with eggplant mosaicExpand
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The bipartite genome of red clover necrotic mosaic virus.
Purified preparations of red clover necrotic mosaic virus isolated in Australia have been shown to contain three RNA components whose electrophoretic mobilities in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresisExpand
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Cytopathic Structures Associated with Tonoplasts of Plant Cells Infected with Cucumber Mosaic and Tomato Aspermy Viruses
Summary Electron microscopic examination of cucumber mosaic and tomato aspermy virus-infected leaf cells has revealed the presence of membrane-bound vesicles associated with the tonoplasts. TheExpand
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Fine structure of vesicles induced in chloroplasts of Chinese cabbage leaves by infection with turnip yellow mosaic virus.
Summary Examination of chloroplasts from chinese cabbage leaves infected with turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV), using freeze-fracture techniques revealed, that the small peripheral vesicles inducedExpand
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Characterization of a viroid associated with avocado sunblotch disease.
A viroid has been purified from avocado leaves infected by sunblotch disease and designated the avocado sunblotch viroid. It is a covalently closed circular RNA molecule with a molecular weight lowerExpand
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Serological detection of Fiji disease virus antigens in the planthopper Perkinsiella saccharicida and its inefficient ability to transmit the virus
Individual adult Perkinsiella saceharicida reared on sugarcane infected with Fiji disease virus (FDV) were confined on healthy plants for 7 days to test for virus transmission and were thenExpand
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