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Maximum entropy analysis of the spectral functions in lattice QCD
Abstract First principle calculation of the QCD spectral functions (SPFs) based on the lattice QCD simulations is reviewed. Special emphasis is placed on the Bayesian inference theory and the MaximumExpand
QCD phenomenology based on a chiral effective Lagrangian
Abstract We review the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) approach to the dynamical breaking of chiral symmetry in Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). After a general overview of the nonperturbative aspects of OCD,Expand
The phase diagram of dense QCD
The current status of theoretical studies on the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) phase diagram at finite temperature and baryon chemical potential is reviewed with special emphasis on the origin ofExpand
From hadrons to quarks in neutron stars: a review.
In recent years our understanding of neutron stars has advanced remarkably, thanks to research converging from many directions. The importance of understanding neutron star behavior and structure hasExpand
Nuclear force from lattice QCD.
The nucleon-nucleon (NN) potential is studied by lattice QCD simulations in the quenched approximation, using the plaquette gauge action and the Wilson quark action on a 32(4) [approximately (4.4Expand
Theoretical Foundation of the Nuclear Force in QCD and Its Applications to Central and Tensor Forces in Quenched Lattice QCD Simulations
We present full accounts of a method to extract nucleon-nucleon ( NN ) potentials from the Bethe-Salpter amplitude in lattice QCD. The method is applied to two nucleons on the lattice with quenchedExpand
Two-baryon potentials and H-dibaryon from 3-flavor lattice QCD simulations
Abstract Baryon–baryon potentials are obtained from 3-flavor QCD simulations with the lattice volume L ≃ 4 fm , the lattice spacing a ≃ 0.12 fm , and the pseudo-scalar-meson mass M ps = 469 – 1171Expand
Lattice quantum chromodynamics and baryon-baryon interactions
After briefly reviewing the theoretical concepts and numerical methods in lattice QCD, recent simulation results of the hadron masses and hadron interactions with nearly physical quark masses areExpand
Quark-Gluon Plasma
Mirage in temporal correlation functions for baryon-baryon interactions in lattice QCD
A bstractSingle state saturation of the temporal correlation function is a key condition to extract physical observables such as energies and matrix elements of hadrons from lattice QCD simulations.Expand