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Opposite changes in phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C immunoreactivity in the left prefrontal and superior temporal cortex of patients with chronic schizophrenia
BACKGROUND Abnormalities in types of neurotransmitter signaling that are coupled with phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C (PLC) have previously been reported in brains from patients withExpand
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Abnormal neurochemical asymmetry in the temporal lobe of schizophrenia
Neuroanatomical asymmetries are known to be present in the human brain, and loss of reversal of these asymmetries, particularly through changes in the left temporal lobe, have been found in theExpand
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Cultural Differences in Professional Help Seeking: A Comparison of Japan and the U.S.
Previous research has found cultural differences in the frequency of support seeking. Asians and Asian Americans report seeking support from their close others to deal with their stress less oftenExpand
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Effects of Productive Activities with Reminiscence in Occupational Therapy for People with Dementia: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study*
Objective/Background Although a number of studies have considered the effects of reminiscence therapy, none have examined whether a therapy that combines reminiscence with productive activity has aExpand
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Hydrothermal system beneath Mt. Fuji Volcano inferred from magnetotellurics and electric self-potential
Wideband magnetotelluric (MT) soundings were carried out on Mt. Fuji volcano along a northeast to southwest axis. It was found by two-dimensional inversion using the highest quality data (in theExpand
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Text Messaging for Psychiatric Outpatients: Effect on Help-Seeking and Self-Harming Behaviors.
A mobile phone intervention was developed and tested with 30 psychiatric outpatients with mental illness, who had high ideation for suicide. The intervention involved promoting help-seeking behaviorsExpand
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Increase in [3H]cAMP binding sites and decrease in Giα and Goα immunoreactivities in left temporal cortices from patients with schizophrenia
To search for possible alterations in second messenger systems in the temporal cortex (Brodman's area 22) of patients with schizophrenia, we measured the binding activities of [3H]adenosineExpand
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Expression of Kruppel-like factor 5 gene in human brain and association of the gene with the susceptibility to schizophrenia
Genome-wide gene expression analysis using DNA microarray technology is a potential tool to search for unexpected genes that have a susceptibility to schizophrenia. We carried out a microarrayExpand
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Association of 14-3-3 epsilon gene haplotype with completed suicide in Japanese.
Genetic factors have been suggested to be involved in suicide. Although some genetic factors, such as serotonergic transduction, have been associated with suicide, the results are inconsistent. ThereExpand
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Novel missense polymorphism in the regulator of G‐protein signaling 10 gene: analysis of association with schizophrenia
ABSTRACT  Dysfunction of neuronal signal transduction via G‐protein has previously been speculated to be involved in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. Regulator of G‐protein signaling (RGS) is aExpand
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