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Gender differences in the clinical characteristics among Japanese patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.
BACKGROUND Gender differences in the prevalence of various manifestations of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is not as great as previously believed. The aim of the present study was toExpand
Selective hydrogen generation from real biomass through hydrothermal reaction at relatively low temperatures
Abstract The effect of additives, such as an inorganic alkali and a nickel catalyst, on the hydrothermal process was examined to generate hydrogen from biomass with high selectivity at relatively lowExpand
Ignition and burning process in a divided chamber bomb
Abstract Ignition and burning mechanisms of the main chamber mixture by a torch jet were experimentally investigated using a divided chamber bomb. The effects of the nozzle diameter and volume ratioExpand
Environmentally Friendly Mechanochemical Syntheses and Conversions of Highly Luminescent Cu(I) Dinuclear Complexes.
Luminescent dinuclear Cu(I) complexes, [Cu2X2(dpypp)2] [Cu-X; X = Cl, Br, I; dpypp = 2,2'-(phenylphosphinediyl)dipyridine], were successfully synthesized by a solvent-assisted mechanochemical method.Expand
Vanadium in ground water from Mt. Fuji: Does it have health effect on habitants around the mountain?
A study was carded out in the Nathenje area in order to determine fluoride concentrations in groundwater and to investigate the occurrence of dental fluorosis in school children. From a fluorideExpand
Homogenization and stabilization during combustion of hydrocarbons with preheated air
The use of preheated air as the oxidizer is a key technology in regenerative combustion. Results have been obtained on the homogeneity and stability of normal and highly preheated air (1000°C)Expand
Study of scintillation light collection, production and propagation in a 4 tonne dual-phase LArTPC
The 3×1×1 m3 demonstrator is a dual phase liquid argon time projection chamber that has recorded cosmic rays events in 2017 at CERN. The light signal in these detectors is crucial to provide preciseExpand
Comparative Studies on Preconcentration Methods for Detecting the Organic Mutagens in Water.
Several preconcentration methods for the detection of organic mutagens in water, including blue rayon and XAD-2 resin column methods, were compared. The mutagenicity test of the extracts from blueExpand
Conversion of sulfuric acid lignin generated during bioethanol production from lignocellulosic materials into polyesters with ɛ-caprolactone
In this study, polyesters were prepared from sulfuric acid lignin (SAL) that was generated as a by-product during the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic materials using ɛ-caprolactoneExpand
Emission Tuning of Luminescent Copper(I) Complexes by Vapor-Induced Ligand Exchange Reactions.
We have synthesized two luminescent mononuclear Cu(I) complexes, [Cu(PPh2Tol)(THF)(4Mepy)2](BF4) (1) and [Cu(PPh2Tol)(4Mepy)3](BF4) (2) (PPh2Tol = diphenyl(o-tolyl)phosphine, 4Mepy =Expand