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Studies on polysome-membrane interactions in mouse myeloma cells.
The nature of the interaction of membrane-bound polysomes with the endoplasmic reticulum has been studied in MOPC 21 mouse plasmocytoma tissue-culture cells which secrete an immunoglobulin G.Expand
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A possible precursor of immunoglobulin light chains.
IMMUNOGLOBULIN light chains are synthesized in heterologous cell-free systems from reticulocytes1 and Krebs II ascites cells2 and in reconstituted homologous systems from lymph nodes3,4 and myelomaExpand
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Translation of messenger RNA for immunoglobulin light chains in a cell‐free system from Krebs II ascites cells
Attempts to isolate the messenger RNA (mRNA) for immunoglobulin light (L) chains have been hampered by the lack of a reliable assay for the mRNA. Recently, however, the synthesis of a mouse lightExpand
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Preparation of immunologlobulin light-chain mRNA from microsomes without the use of detergent.
A technique which releases ribosomes from membranes without the use of detergent described in the preceding paper is shown to allow the separation of two distinct pools of poly(A)-containing RNA inExpand
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Increased PRPP synthetase activity in cultured rat hepatoma cells containing mutations in the hypoxanthine‐guanine phosphoribosyltransferase gene
Nine independently derived clones of mutagenized rat hepatoma cells selected for resistance to 6‐mercaptopurine (6‐MP) or 6‐thioguanine (6‐ThioG) have been isolated. Each has severely reducedExpand
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To the Editor:— We have treated a patient who had a tetanus-like reaction similar to those described by Scime and Tallant inThe Journal, Nov. 28, 1959, page 1813. The reaction was immediatelyExpand
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