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The magnetic field and wind confinement of θ1 Orionis C
We report the detection, through spectropolarimetric observations, of a strong dipolar magnetic field of presumably fossil origin at the surface of the very young O star theta (1) Ori C. The Stokes V
Magnetospheric accretion on the T Tauri star BP Tauri
From observations collected with the ESPaDOnS and NARVAL spectropolarimeters, we report the detection of Zeeman signatures on the classical T Tauri star BP Tau. Circular polarisation signatures in
Forty eclipsing binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud: fundamental parameters and Cloud distance
We have conducted a programme to determine the fundamental parameters of a substantial number of eclipsing binaries of spectral types O and B in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). New spectroscopic
A 2dF survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud
We present a catalogue of new spectral types for hot, luminous stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). The catalogue contains 4161 objects, giving an order-of-magnitude increase in the number of
On the formation of Hα line emission around classical T Tauri stars
We present radiative transfer models of the circumstellar environment of classical T Tauri stars, concentrating on the formation of the Hα emission. The wide variety of line profiles seen in
Three-dimensional dust radiative-transfer models: the Pinwheel Nebula of WR 104
We present radiative-transfer modelling of the dusty spiral Pinwheel Nebula observed around the Wolf‐Rayet/OB-star binary WR 104. The models are based on the three-dimensional radiative-transfer code
A Tale of Two Herbig Ae Stars, MWC 275 and AB Aurigae: Comprehensive Models for Spectral Energy Distribution and Interferometry
We present comprehensive models for the Herbig Ae stars MWC 275 and AB Aur that aim to explain their spectral energy distribution (from UV to millimeter) and long-baseline interferometry (from
Benchmark problems for continuum radiative transfer. High optical depths, anisotropic scattering, an
Solving the continuum radiative transfer equation in high opacity media requires sophisticated numerical tools. In order to test the reliability of such tools, we present a benchmark of radiative
Synthetic line profiles of rotationally distorted hot-star winds
ABSTRA C T A new Monte Carlo stellar wind radiative-transfer code is presented. The code employs a three-dimensional opacity grid, and fully treats polarization and multiple scattering. Either Mie or
Probing the circumstellar structures of T Tauri stars and their relationship to those of Herbig stars
We present Hα spectropolarimetry observations of a sample of 10 bright T Tauri stars, supplemented with new Herbig Ae/Be star data. A change in the linear polarization across Hα is detected in most