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What Is News? Galtung and Ruge revisited
This study aims to shed light on the news selection process by examining the news values currently operational in British newspapers. The study takes as its starting point Galtung and Ruge's widelyExpand
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Journalism: Principles and Practice
PART ONE: WHAT IS JOURNALISM? Chapter 1: The who, what, where, when, why and how of journalism Chapter 2: Constraints, influences and ethics Chapter 3: What is news? Chapter 4: Where does news comeExpand
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News Values and Selectivity
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“I'm Doing this to Change the World”: journalism in alternative and mainstream media
Abstract Journalism practised within alternative media has typically been understood as being entirely different to, and separate from, journalism practised within mainstream media. However, inExpand
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What is News?
The deceptively simple question “What is news?” remains pertinent even as we ponder the future of journalism in the digital age. This article examines news values within mainstream journalism andExpand
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`The Unspoken - Said'
There is a long and continuing tradition of alternative media being produced to challenge the discourse(s) of mainstream media. This article explores the ways in which the journalism of alternativeExpand
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A Dictionary of Journalism
A Dictionary of Journalism is an accessible and authoritative quick reference dictionary. It covers over 1,400 wide-ranging entries on the terms that are likely to be encountered by students of theExpand
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Re-imaging a post-industrial city: The Leeds St Valentine's Fair as a civic spectacle
Faced with the perceived consequences of economic, social and cultural shifts variously labelled 'post-modernity', 'globalization' and 'the post-industrial revolution', an increasing number of urbanExpand
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Alternative Journalism, Alternative Voices
Foreword: Local Journalism, Radical Reporting and the Everyday Section 1: Alternative Media, Alternative Voices 1. Introduction: From 'Native Reporting' to 'Native Researching' 2. An Insurrection inExpand
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Alternative journalism as active citizenship
This article explores relationships between alternative forms of journalism and political concepts such as democracy and citizenship; in the process of doing so, it explores the role and purpose ofExpand
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