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High-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in essential hypertension.
BACKGROUND Myocyte injury might be involved in the progression of essential hypertension (EHT) toward heart failure (HF). However, in the absence of high-sensitivity (hs) assay, cardiac troponin TExpand
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Two cases of hyperkalemia after administration of hypertonic mannitol during craniotomy
Mannitol is used commonly as an osmotic diuretic to reduce intracranial pressure during the perioperative period of craniotomy. The rapid administration of mannitol solution can cause an imbalance ofExpand
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Exhaled Carbon Monoxide Levels Change in Relation to Inspired Oxygen Fraction During General Anesthesia
BACKGROUND:Heme oxygenase produces carbon monoxide (CO) during the breakdown of heme molecules. A variety of stressors upregulate this enzymatic activity and can increase exhaled CO levels. Recently,Expand
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Improvement of cardiac diastolic function and prognosis after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in AL cardiac amyloidosis.
AL amyloidosis is a disease in which immunoglobulin L chain is deposited in multiple organs, and the prognosis of cardiac amyloidosis is extremely poor. Although several treatments based on that forExpand
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Correlates of NT‐proBNP concentration in patients with essential hypertension in absence of congestive heart failure
Background: N‐terminal proBNP (NT‐proBNP) is widely used as a diagnostic biomarker and for the risk stratification of patients with heart failure (HF). Its role in the evaluation of patients withExpand
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[Copper deficiency with pancytopenia, bradycardia and neurologic symptoms].
A 48-year-old man was referred to our hospital in December, 2005 because of general fatigue, gait disturbance and bradycardia. He had a history of polysurgery due to recurrent ileus and had beenExpand
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Current role of colonoscopy in infants and young children: a multicenter study
BackgroundTo evaluate the role of colonoscopy in infants and young children and clarify the distribution of colonoscopy-requiring diseases in this age group.MethodsCohorts of colonoscopies performedExpand
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[A case of disseminated bone marrow carcinosis with disseminated intravascular coagulation successfully controlled with S-1 after total gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer].
Bone marrow carcinosis due to gastric cancer with disseminated intravascular coagulation(DIC)occurs suddenly, progresses rapidly, and has a very poor prognosis. In addition, physical status tends toExpand
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Pulmonary embolism after minor surgery in a patient with low-risk thrombocythemia
Six hours after the surgery, she walked, uneventfully. Twelve hours after the surgery, she walked a second time and developed nausea, cold sweats, and hypotension (systolic blood pressure, 60 mmHg).Expand
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