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Chemical Composition, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Six Essentials Oils from the Alliaceae Family
Garlic, Chinese chive and onion EOs had the highest antibacterial activity whereas shallot and leek EOs were the strongest antioxidants. Expand
The structural characteristics and rheological properties of Lebanese locust bean gum
Abstract To characterize and study the rheological behavior of Lebanese locust bean gum (LBG), nine Lebanese carob varieties, including a wild type, were randomly collected from various sites andExpand
New approach to characterise physicochemical properties of solid substrates by inverse gas chromatography at infinite dilution. I. Some new methods to determine the surface areas of some molecules
This study was divided into three different parts that tried to give a new contribution to determine and quantify more precisely the superficial properties of solid substrates (polymers and/orExpand
New approach to characterise physicochemical properties of solid substrates by inverse gas chromatography at infinite dilution. III. Determination of the acid-base properties of some solid substrates
The inverse gas chromatography technique was used to calculate the acid-base superficial characteristics of some solid substrates such as oxides, polymer and polymer adsorbed on oxide and it was proved that the previous relation was not correct in many cases and especially for some oxides and carbon fibres. Expand
Investigation of carob varieties from different regions of Lebanon showed that these two criteria exhibit significant differences, allowing thus to establish correlations between morphological aspects and location, mainly latitude. Expand
Performance of surfactant-modified *BEA-type zeolite nanosponges for the removal of nitrate in contaminated water: Effect of the external surface.
The maximum nitrate removal capacity (1338 mmol.Kg-1/83 mg) was obtained for SMZNS material, which is the highest ever observed for nitrates removal using surfactant-modified zeolite, and the nitrate Removal kinetics were fitted with the pseudo second-order model for both materials. Expand
Extraction of green absolute from thyme using ultrasound and sunflower oil
Abstract Absolute is the plant aroma isolate mostly used in the food and fragrance sectors. The use of organic solvents constitutes the most commonly used method for obtaining this aroma. However,Expand
Thermo-responsive magnetic Fe3O4@P(MEO2MAX-OEGMA100-X) NPs and their applications as drug delivery systems.
This investigation showed that the significant release occurred at the targeted temperature in the physiological media making those nano-systems very promising for further use in drug delivery platform. Expand
Adsorption kinetics and equilibrium of phenol drifts on three zeolites
In this study, the sorption of phenol drifts was studied by performing batch kinetic sorption experiments. The equilibrium kinetic data was analyzed using the pseudo-second-order kinetic model.Expand
Desilication of *BEA zeolites using different alkaline media: Impact on catalytic cracking of n-hexane
Abstract The desilication of two commercial nano- and one synthesized microcrystal *BEA zeolites via different alkaline solutions have led to several observations. In the nanocrystal *BEA zeolites,Expand