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Enzymatic conversion of norsolorinic acid to averufin in aflatoxin biosynthesis.
Results indicate that the reaction sequence NA in equilibrium AVN----HAVN----AVR is involved in the biosynthetic pathway of aflatoxins. Expand
Enzymatic Formation of G-Group Aflatoxins and Biosynthetic Relationship between G- and B-Group Aflatoxins
It is concluded that at least three reactions, catalyzed by the ordA gene product, an unstable microsome enzyme, and a 220-kDa cytosol protein, are involved in the enzymatic formation of G-group aflatoxins from eitherO- methylsterigmatocystin or dihydro-O-methylsterigmatcystin. Expand
Cloning and Characterization of theO-Methyltransferase I Gene (dmtA) fromAspergillus parasiticus Associated with the Conversions of Demethylsterigmatocystin to Sterigmatocystin and
ABSTRACT O-Methyltransferase I catalyzes both the conversion of demethylsterigmatocystin to sterigmatocystin and the conversion of dihydrodemethylsterigmatocystin to dihydrosterigmatocystin duringExpand
Genotoxicity of a variety of mycotoxins in the hepatocyte primary culture/DNA repair test using rat and mouse hepatocytes.
The positive results with compounds of unknown carcinogenicity suggest that the carcinogenic mycotoxins, penicillic acid, patulin, griseofulvin, and rugulosin may be nongenotoxic carcinogens. Expand
Two distinct O-methyltransferases in aflatoxin biosynthesis.
Results of the cell-free experiment with S-adenosyl-[methyl-3H]methionine showed that these O-methyltransferases were different in their protein molecules and were involved in both the reactions from DMST to OMST and DHDMST to DHOMST. Expand
Biosynthetic relationship among aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, and G2.
The feeding experiments of strain NIAH-26 and similar feeding experiments in which 27 kinds of mutants including these mutants were used, suggest that the same enzymes may be involved in the both biosynthetic pathways from ST to AFB1- AFG1 and DHST to AFB2-AFG2. Expand
A metabolic grid among versiconal hemiacetal acetate, versiconol acetate, versiconol and versiconal during aflatoxin biosynthesis.
Results indicate that a metabolic grid catalysed by dehydrogenase and esterase among VHA, VOAc, VOH and VHOH, and a reaction from VHoh to VC (VB) are involved in aflatoxin biosynthesis. Expand
Absence of aflatoxin biosynthesis in koji mold (Aspergillus sojae)
It is suggested that defects in aflR expression cause the lack of expression of aflatoxin-related genes which results in the absence of a flatoxin biosynthesis in A. sojae strains. Expand
Genotoxicity of fungal metabolites related to aflatoxin B1 biosynthesis.
It is suspected that 6,8-O-dimethylversicolorins A, B and 6-deoxyversicol orin A as well as versicolorin A and B are genotoxic carcinogens. Expand
Two New Metabolites, Sydonic Acid and Hydroxysydonic Acid, from Aspergillus sydowi
From the culture filtrates of Aspergillus sydowi two new metabolites, designated as sydonic acid and hydroxysydonic acid, have been isolated. Sydonic acid, C15H22O4, forms colorless needles, mpExpand