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[Effects of propiverine hydrochloride (P-4) and its metabolites on urinary bladder function in anesthetized rats].
The results suggest that the clinical effects of P-4 are based not only on the actions ofP-4 itself but also on those of its active metabolites.
Studies on hypolipidemic agents. IV. Syntheses and biological activities of trans- and cis-2-(4-alkylcyclohexyl)-2-oxoethyl arenesulfonates.
The esteraseinhibitory activity and hypolipidemic effect of the arenesulfonates were examined, and it was found that in most cases, the trans-isomers were more active than the corresponding cis- isomers.
Studies of hypolipidemic agents. I. Syntheses and hypolipidemic activities of 1-substituted 2-alkanone derivatives.
A novel working hypothesis is presented to account for the lowering of the plasma lipids level, i.e., that inhibition of esterase and lipase activities in the small intestinal lumen may be responsible for the decrease in the plasmalipids level.
Studies on hypolipidemic agents. V. Synthesis and esterase-inhibitory activity of 2-(1,4- and 4,4-dialkylcyclohexyl)-2-oxoethyl arenesulfonates.
Synthese des composes du titre a partir des acides alkyl-4 cyclohexanecarboxyliques ou des acides dialkyl-4,4 cyclohexanecarboxyliques et d'acides alkyl-4 benzenesulfoniques
Studies on hypolipidemic agents. II. Synthesis of 1-arenesulfonyloxy-2-alkanone derivatives as potent esterase inhibitors and hypolipidemic agents.
Most of the compounds III and some of the compound XII exhibited potent hypolipidemic activities corresponding to more than 50% lipid-lowering effect (plasma triglyceride and cholesterol ester) in vivo.
Studies on hypolipidemic agents. III. Synthesis and esterase-inhibitory activity of omega-cycloalkyl-2-oxoalkyl arenesulfonates.
Various ω-cycloalkyl-2-oxoalkylene arenesulfonates were synthesized and evaluated for esterase-and chymotrypsin-inhibitory activities and hypolipidemic activity, and several compounds exhibited potent hypolIPidemic action.
Synthesis and Esterase-Inhibitory Activity of 2-( 1 , 4-and 4 , 4-Dialkylcyclohexyl )-2-oxoethyl
2-(1,tand c-4-Dialkylcyclohex-r-l-yl)-2-oxoethyl arenesulfonates, 2-(4,4-dialkylcyclohex-1y1)-2-oxoethyl arenesulfonates and related compounds were synthesized and evaluated for esteraseand