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Sex differences in the relationship between amiodarone use and the need for permanent pacing in patients with atrial fibrillation.
The risk of bradyarrhythmia requiring pacemaker insertion associated with amiodarone use for AF is significantly greater in women than in men, independent of weight or body mass index.
Lack of transmission of HIV through human bites and scratches.
It is concluded that this viremic AIDS patient, while producing copious amounts of body fluids, failed to infect those caring for him through bites and scratches, and the risk of transmission of HIV through this route under similar conditions should be low.
Calcium metabolism in acute renal failure due to rhabdomyolysis.
This case report illustrates that the changes in serum calcium in rhabdomyolysis-associated acute renal failure are explicable by the deposition or removal of mineral into or from necrotic muscle with the parathyroid and vitamin D changes occurring secondarily.
The Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
New approaches currently under study include surgery to prevent AF from sustaining itself, implantable cardioverter devices to maintain sinus rhythm, and modification of AV nodal function by the induction of controlled radiofrequency injury.
Benign pneumopericardium and tamponade.
This case illustrates that, while the immediate treatment of tension pyopneumopericardium is usually successful, postoperative mortality remains elevated.
Risk of transmission of HTLV III/LAV from human bites [abstract]
The risk of transmission of this virus from bites and scratches under similar conditions should be very low, and this patient with ARC proven viremic for HTLV III/LAV and producing copious amounts of body fluids failed to infect those caring for him even through the extensive skin trauma produced by bites and scratched.