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Re-emerging Islamism in Tunisia: Repositioning Religion in Politics and Society
In this article a widening divergence is observed between Islamist activism aimed at societal change and Islamist activism aimed at political influence in post-revolutionary Tunisia. Both forms ofExpand
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Social Movements and Civil War: When Protests for Democratization Fail
The main aim of this volume is to develop a theoretical explanation of the conditions under which and the mechanisms through which social movements’ struggles for democracy end up in civil war. WhiExpand
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Bureaucratic Mobilization: Islamism after the Arab Spring
This article explores contemporary Islamist mobilization – collective mobilization aimed at structuring the public sphere along Islamic norms – in the context of the 2011-2013 Arab Spring. TheExpand
Between rebellion and uprising intersecting networks and discursive strategies in rebel controlled Syria
In the article I explore how, at the individual level, participation in multiple networks opens up questions regarding the classification of social activism. The central contention is that as mobil...
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The Sacred as Secular: State Control and Mosques Neutrality in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia
How are the characteristics of state–religion relations defined? The following paper provides a critical response to the competition perspective in studies on secularization, secularism, andExpand
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Tunisia: Surprise, change and continuity. Relating actors, structures and mobilization opportunities around the 14 January 2011 revolution
The research project 'Mobilizing for Democracy: Democratization Processes and the Mobilization of Civil Society' is funded by European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant. (Grant Agreeement no:Expand
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