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Energy cost of sport rock climbing in elite performers.
OBJECTIVES To assess oxygen uptake (VO2), blood lactate concentration ([La(b)]), and heart rate (HR) response during indoor and outdoor sport climbing. METHODS Seven climbers aged 25 (SE 1) years,Expand
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Can apparent increases in muscle extensibility with regular stretch be explained by changes in tolerance to stretch?
The aim of this study was to determine whether an intensive stretch program increases muscle extensibility or subjects' tolerance to an uncomfortable stretch sensation. Twenty healthy able-bodiedExpand
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Propulsion technique and anaerobic work capacity in elite wheelchair athletes: cross-sectional analysis.
Wheelchair sports and daily manual wheelchair propulsion are dominated by frequent short-term power demands. The purpose of the current cross-sectional study was to determine the variation inExpand
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Anaerobic work capacity in elite wheelchair athletes.
To study the anaerobic work capacity in wheelchair athletes, 67 elite wheelchair athletes (50 male) were studied in a 30-second sprint test on a computer-controlled wheelchair ergometer during theExpand
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Power Output and Technique of Wheelchair Athletes
To assess power output, force application, and kinematics of wheelchair propulsion in peak exercise, nine wheelchair athletes with medical lesion levels of T8 or lower performed a 30-s sprint test onExpand
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Baseline data on Aedes aegypti populations in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Baseline field studies were conducted from April 1987 to July 1988 on Aedes aegypti in Santo Domingo, an endemic area for dengue fever. Premise, container and Breteau indices were measured in oneExpand
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ABSTRACT The control of medically important arthropod vectors of human and animal disease is a high priority for both public health and military officials. Because droplet size of pesticide sprayExpand
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Spray Characterization of Thermal Fogging Equipment Typically Used in Vector Control1
ABSTRACT Droplet size spectra from different sprayers used to generate insecticide-laden fogs for controlling flying insects were measured by a laser diffraction instrument and Teflon-coated slides.Expand
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An electrostatic backpack sprayer: potential for mosquito control.
A Southwest Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc., nozzle was configured to a Hudson PortaPak backpack. A test was run to compare deposition of BVA no. 13 oil by the electrostatic nozzle to a standardExpand
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Operational note indoor low-volume spray trials: handheld equipment evaluation.
Four handheld aerosol-mist generators and 1 thermal fog generator were evaluated initially for their ability to deliver low flow rates (< or = 5 ml/min) of resmethrin insecticide. Two generators, theExpand
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