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Source localization in reverberant environments: modeling and statistical analysis
Room reverberation is typically the main obstacle for designing robust microphone-based source localization systems. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the achievable performance of acousticalExpand
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Recursive subspace identification of linear and non-linear Wiener state-space models
The MOESP class of identification algorithms are made recursive on the basis of various updating schemes for subspace tracking
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Instrumental variable subspace tracking using projection approximation
  • T. Gustafsson
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Trans. Signal Process.
  • 1 March 1998
Subspace estimation plays an important role in, for example, sensor array signal processing. Recursive methods for subspace tracking with application to nonstationary environments have also drawnExpand
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Recursive System Identification Using Instrumental Variable Subspace Tracking
Abstract In this paper a recursive instrumental variable (IV) based subspace identification algorithm is proposed. The basic idea of the algorithm is to utilize the close relationship with sensorExpand
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Subspace identification using instrumental variable techniques
Subspace-based algorithms for system identification have lately been suggested as alternatives to more traditional techniques. Variants of the MOESP type of subspace algorithms are in addition toExpand
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A novel algorithm for recursive instrumental variable based subspace identification
The problem of MIMO recursive identification is considered within the framework of subspace model identification (SMI). In this paper the use of recent signal processing algorithms for the recursiveExpand
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Subspace-based system identification: weighting and pre-filtering of instruments
Subspace-based system identification is typically based on an estimate of the extended observability matrix. It is thus of great interest to investigate, and also optimize, the estimate of theExpand
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Statistical analysis of subspace-based estimation of reduced-rank linear regressions
A number of signal processing and system identification problems include linear regressions with a reduced-rank regression matrix. A typical step in "subspace-based" algorithms is to apply theExpand
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Estimation of acoustical room transfer functions
Presents a method to obtain room transfer functions for applications in the design of intelligent systems for video conferencing. In these applications the acoustical dynamics, for example, affectsExpand
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Non-linear instantaneous least squares and its high SNR analysis
A novel approach for signal parameter estimation, named the non-linear instantaneous least squares (NILS) estimator, is proposed and a high SNR statistical analysis of the estimates is presented. TheExpand
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