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Impact of Environments on the Accumulation of Capsaicinoids in Capsicum spp.
The use of a chili fruit is distinguished by its capsaicinoid content, which shows many beneficial effects in food and pharmaceutical applications. However, chilies exhibit wide variations in theExpand
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Stability analysis of yield and capsaicinoids content in chili (Capsicum spp.) grown across six environments
There is a need for identifying chili cultivars with stable amounts of capsaicinoids so that the amount of pungency in the final product can be controlled. Therefore, six cultivars were evaluated forExpand
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Seed Treatment to Enhance Germination in Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.)
Poor seed germination due to seed dormancy is a problem in persimmons. A trial was conducted to determine the rate of seed germination for persimmons, with or without cold stratification, and toExpand
Visualizing Sustainability of Selective Mountain Farming Systems from Far-eastern Himalayas to Support Decision Making
Mountain farming systems rely on both empirical and academic knowledge. Their sustainability depends on how effectively diverse knowledge is used for solution-oriented decision making. For mountains,Expand
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Growth, yield and capsaicinoid contents of 14 cultivars of hot pepper (Capsicum spp.) at two elevations of Thailand.
Chili peppers are grown worldwide but information is limited on the differential response of chili varieties at various elevations on growth, yield, and capsaicinoid contents. Therefore theExpand
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Women in household decision-making and implications for dietary quality in Bhutan
Despite the wide range of literature supporting the linkages between women’s empowerment and food security, it is not examined in social contexts where females historically enjoy equality and evenExpand
Effect of Cropping and Management Techniques on Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) Production under Rain-Fed Farming
A field experiment was conducted to evaluate cropping and management techniques for chilli plants under rain-fed conditions. Cropping included a standard farmers style bed (designated as CL1.1), aExpand