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Design, synthesis and anxiolytic-like activity of 1-arylpyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine-3-carboxamides.
A series of 1-arylpyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine-3-carboxamides were designed and synthesized as 18kDa translocator protein (TSPO) ligands. Anxiolytic-like activity of compounds was evaluated in the openExpand
Design and synthesis of cholecystokinin-4 dipeptide analogues with anxiolytic and anxiogenic activities
A new series of dipeptide analogues of the general formula Ph(CH2)nCO-NH(CH2)mCO-Trp-NH2 (n = 1, 3–5; m = 1–3) was designed based on the structure of the endogenous tetrapeptide cholescystokinin-4Expand
Anxiolytic Activity of Endogenous Nootropic Dipeptide Cycloprolylglycine in Elevated Plus-Maze Test
Testing in an elevated plus-maze revealed dose-dependent anxiolytic activity of piracetam analog cycloprolylglycine. Intraperitoneal injection of this agent (0.05 mg/kg) 9-fold prolonged the timeExpand
The first dipeptide ligand of translocator protein: Design and anxiolytic activity
On the basis of the structure of Alpidem, a pyrazolopyrimidine ligand of the translocator protein (TSPO), a dipeptide TSPO ligand, N-carbobenzoxy-L-tryptophanyl-L-isoleucine amide (GD-23), wasExpand
A Novel Dipeptide Ligand of TSPO
On the basis of the first dipeptide ligand of TSPO, N-carbobenzoxy-L-tryptophanyl-L-isoleucine amide (GD-23), which was obtained by us earlier, we synthesized a new dipeptide,Expand
Pharmacogenetic Study of Anxiolytic Effects of New Cholecystokinin Receptor Antagonists in Animals with Different Levels of Emotionality
Effects of two new peptide antagonists of central cholecystokinin receptors, GB-101 (0.05-0.40 mg/kg) and GB-115 (0.006-0.100 mg/kg), on the behavior of inbred animals differing by the reactions toExpand
Role of the Cholecystokinin System in Anxiolytic Activity of Dipeptide GB-115
We studied the effect of dipeptide GB-115, a retroanalogue of cholecystokinin-4 with anxiolytic properties, on the behavior of outbred rats and BALB/c and C57Bl/6 mice induced by cholecystokinin-4Expand
The interaction of new original 1-arylpyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine-3-carboxamide derivatives with mitochondrial translocator protein (MTP) 18 kDa has been studied by radioligand binding assay. CompoundsExpand
Dependence of anxiolytic effects of the dipeptide TSPO ligand GD-23 on neurosteroid biosynthesis
The elevated plus maze test showed that GD-23 (N-carbobenzoxy-L-tryptophanyl-L-isoleucine amide), an original dipeptide ligand of TSPO, exerted anxiolytic effect when injected intraperitoneally at aExpand
P.4.004 Dipeptide anxiolytic GB-115: new receptor targets