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Biobehavioral responses to stress in females: tend-and-befriend, not fight-or-flight.
The human stress response has been characterized, both physiologically and behaviorally, as "fight-or-flight." Although fight-or-flight may characterize the primary physiological responses to stressExpand
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Cumulative biological risk and socio-economic differences in mortality: MacArthur studies of successful aging.
Previous research has suggested that socio-economic status (SES) differences in mortality are only partially explained by differences in life-style, psychological and social factors. Seven yearExpand
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Psychological resources, positive illusions, and health.
Psychological beliefs such as optimism, personal control, and a sense of meaning are known to be protective of mental health. Are they protective of physical health as well? The authors present aExpand
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Acute Threat to the Social Self: Shame, Social Self-esteem, and Cortisol Activity
Objective: Our Social Self Preservation Theory asserts that situations which threaten the “social self” (ie, one’s social value or standing) elicit increased feelings of low social worth (eg, shame),Expand
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When the social self is threatened: shame, physiology, and health.
Our program of research focuses on shame as a key emotional response to "social self" threats (i.e., social evaluation or rejection). We propose that shame may orchestrate specific patterns ofExpand
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History of socioeconomic disadvantage and allostatic load in later life.
There is a growing interest in understanding how the experience of socioeconomic status (SES) adversity across the life course may accumulate to negatively affect the functioning of biologicalExpand
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Affirmation of Personal Values Buffers Neuroendocrine and Psychological Stress Responses
Stress is implicated in the development and progression of a broad array of mental and physical health disorders. Theory and research on the self suggest that self-affirming activities may bufferExpand
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Socio‐economic differentials in peripheral biology: Cumulative allostatic load
This chapter focuses on evidence linking socio‐economic status (SES) to “downstream” peripheral biology. Drawing on the concept of allostatic load, we examine evidence linking lower SES with greaterExpand
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Combinations of biomarkers predictive of later life mortality
A wide range of biomarkers, reflecting activity in a number of biological systems (e.g., neuroendocrine, immune, cardiovascular, and metabolic), have been found to prospectively predict disability,Expand
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Allostatic Load and Frailty in Older Adults
OBJECTIVES: To examine the association between allostatic load (AL), an index of multisystem physiological dysregulation, and frailty development over a 3‐year follow‐up in a sample of older adults.
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