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A translation approach to portable ontology specifications
This paper describes a mechanism for defining ontologies that are portable over representation systems, basing Ontolingua itself on an ontology of domain-independent, representational idioms.
Toward principles for the design of ontologies used for knowledge sharing?
  • T. Gruber
  • Computer Science, Philosophy
    Int. J. Hum. Comput. Stud.
  • 1 December 1995
The role of ontology in supporting knowledge sharing activities is described, and a set of criteria to guide the development of ontologies for these purposes are presented, and it is shown how these criteria are applied in case studies from the design ofOntologies for engineering mathematics and bibliographic data.
Ontology of Folksonomy: A Mash-Up of Apples and Oranges
  • T. Gruber
  • Computer Science
    Int. J. Semantic Web Inf. Syst.
  • 2007
This article is an attempt to clarify the distinct roles for ontologies and folksonomies, and preview some new work that applies the two ideas together—an ontology of folk-sonomy.
Ontolingua: a mechanism to support portable ontologies
The basic approach of Ontolingua to the ontology sharing problem is described, the syntax is introduced, and the semantics of a few ontological commitments made in the software are described.
Enabling Technology for Knowledge Sharing
This article presents a vision of the future in which knowledge-based system development and operation is facilitated by infrastructure and technology for knowledge sharing, and describes an initiative currently under way to develop these ideas.
PACT: an experiment in integrating concurrent engineering systems
The Palo Alto Collaborative Testbed (PACT), a concurrent engineering infrastructure that encompasses multiple sites, subsystems, and disciplines, is discussed and PACT's agent-based architecture and lessons learned from the PACT experiments are described.
The DARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort: A Progress Report
Lack of methodology for sharing and communicating knowledge poses a signicant road-block in developing large multi-center research projects such as DARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning and Scheduling Initative.