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Experimental investigations of the role of H2O in calc-alkaline differentiation and subduction zone magmatism
Phase relations of natural aphyric high-alumina basalts and their intrusive equivalents were determined through rock-melting experiments at 2 kb, H2O-saturated with fO2 buffered at NNO. ExperimentalExpand
Experimental and natural partitioning of Th, U, Pb and other trace elements between garnet, clinopyroxene and basaltic melts
Abstract Partition coefficients for Th, U, Pb, rare-earth elements (REE), high field strength elements (HFSE), alkaline-earth elements, Sc, Cr, V and K were measured by ion microprobe techniques inExpand
The influence of water on melting of mantle peridotite
Abstract This experimental study examines the effects of variable concentrations of dissolved H2O on the compositions of silicate melts and their coexisting mineral assemblage of olivine +Expand
Temperatures and H2O contents of low-MgO high-alumina basalts
Experimental evidence is used to estimate H2O contents in low-MgO high-alumina basalts (HABs) (<6 wt.% MgO) and basaltic andesites (BAs) (<5 wt.% MgO) that occur worldwide in magmatic arcs. WholerockExpand
The role of H2O during crystallization of primitive arc magmas under uppermost mantle conditions and genesis of igneous pyroxenites: an experimental study
Abstract. Exposed, subduction-related magmatic arcs commonly include sections of ultramafic plutonic rocks that are composed of dunite, wehrlite, and pyroxenite. In this experimental study weExpand
Fractional crystallization and mantle-melting controls on calc-alkaline differentiation trends
The phase relations of primitive magnesian andesites and basaltic andesites from the Mt. Shasta region, N California have been determined over a range of pressure and temperature conditions and H2OExpand
Fractionation of pyroxene-phyric MORB at low pressure: An experimental study
One-atmosphere melting experiments are used to assess the role of clinopyroxene in producing the compositional variations observed in mid-ocean-ridge basalts (MORBs) from the North Atlantic. AnalogExpand
Primary magmas of mid‐ocean ridge basalts 1. Experiments and methods
This paper reports experiments carried out between 9 and 16 kbar (0.9–1.6 GPa) using natural, primitive mid-ocean ridge basalt compositions and synthetic analogs of mid-ocean ridge basalts toExpand
Experimental petrology of normal MORB near the Kane Fracture Zone: 22°–25° N, mid-Atlantic ridge
Melting experiments carried out at 1-atm and at 2 kbar on mid-ocean ridge basalts dredged from the mid-Atlantic ridge near the Kane Fracture Zone (KFZ, 22° to 25° N. latitude) provide a basis forExpand
The influence of H2O on mantle wedge melting
Abstract The solidus and near-solidus melting behavior of a primitive undepleted peridotite composition has been determined over a pressure range of 1.2–3.2 GPa at H2O saturated conditions.Expand