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Video Games Do Affect Social Outcomes
Whether video game play affects social behavior is a topic of debate. Many argue that aggression and helping are affected by video game play, whereas this stance is disputed by others. The presentExpand
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How to ameliorate negative effects of violent video games on cooperation: Play it cooperatively in a team
The present research tests the idea that playing a team-player video game in which players work together as teammates and assist each other in achieving a common goal ameliorates the negative effects of violent video game play on cooperative behavior. Expand
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Media violence and the self: The impact of personalized gaming characters in aggressive video games on aggressive behavior
A recent development in video games is that players can design and personalize their own in-game characters. It was predicted that this innovation could lead to elevations in the intensity of theExpand
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Threat and selective exposure: the moderating role of threat and decision context on confirmatory information search after decisions.
Previous studies on the impact of perceived threat on confirmatory information search (selective exposure) in the context of decision making have yielded mixed results. Some studies have suggestedExpand
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Asymmetrical Effects of Reward and Punishment on Attributions of Morality
The authors found that 3 experiments revealed that compliance with a pro-social request for an anticipated reward as opposed to a threatened punishment resulted in greater inferences of personalExpand
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The longitudinal relationship between everyday sadism and the amount of violent video game play
Abstract Previous research found correlational evidence that the trait of everyday sadism is associated with the amount of violent video game play. Due to the correlational design, the direction ofExpand
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Uncovering the association between strategy video games and self-regulation: A correlational study
Abstract Despite their popularity, strategy video games have been poorly studied in social science. Because strategy video games require long gaming sessions and planning and management of resourcesExpand
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Simple exposure to alcohol cues causally increases negative implicit attitudes toward lesbians and gay men
ABSTRACT Previous research has shown that acute alcohol consumption is associated with negative responses toward outgroup members such as sexual minorities. However, simple alcohol cue exposureExpand
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The contagious impact of playing violent video games on aggression: Longitudinal evidence
Abstract Meta‐analyses have shown that violent video game play increases aggression in the player. The present research suggests that violent video game play also affects individuals with whom theExpand
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Rational bystanders.
The bystander effect, the phenomenon that the (real or imagined) presence of others inhibits helping, has often been ascribed to bystanders' apathy. In the present research, we demonstrate that theExpand
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