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Anxious Pleasures: The Sexual Lives of an Amazonian People
"Good fish get dull but sex is always fun." So say the Mehinaku people of Brazil. But Thomas Gregor shows that sex brings a supreme ambiguity to the villagers' lives. In their elaborateExpand
Eleocharis mamillata — Distribution and infraspecific differentiation
  • T. Gregor
  • Biology
  • Folia Geobotanica
  • 1 March 2003
Eleocharis mamillata is a widespread species in the temperate zone of Eurasia and North America that can be separated as subspeciesaustriaca differing mainly by the stylopodium shape from the nominate subspecies. Expand
TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.
The extent of the trait data compiled in TRY is evaluated and emerging patterns of data coverage and representativeness are analyzed to conclude that reducing data gaps and biases in the TRY database remains a key challenge and requires a coordinated approach to data mobilization and trait measurements. Expand
From intracellular signaling to population oscillations: bridging size- and time-scales in collective behavior
Through direct tests of the model with quantitative in vivo measurements of single‐cell and population signaling dynamics, it is shown how a simple model can effectively describe a complex molecular signaling network at multiple size and temporal scales. Expand
The Onset of Collective Behavior in Social Amoebae
Live-cell imaging of intact cell populations showed that cAMP pulses originate from a discrete location despite constant exchange of cells to and from the region, and showed that stochastic pulsing of individual cells below the threshold concentration of extracellular cAMP plays a critical role in the onset of collective behavior. Expand
Mehinaku: The Drama of Daily Life in a Brazilian Indian Village
Thomas Gregor sees the Mehinaku Indians of central Brazil as performers of roles, engaged in an ongoing improvisational drama of community life. The layout of the village and the architecture of theExpand
Drivers of floristic change in large cities – A case study of Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
Comparatively high rates of short-living plants adapted to dry open habitats and C4-plants among neophytes indicate a warming of the climate. Expand
New diploid species in the Ranunculus auricomus complex (Ranunculaceae) from W and SE Europe
Six new diploid sexual species have been revealed in C France, C and SE Slovenia and Croatia in the Euro-Siberian complex of Ranunculus auricomus (Ranunculaceae) and sexual reproduction has been verified for R. austroslovenicus, R. cebennensis and R. subcarniolicus. Expand
Diploidy suggests hybrid origin and sexuality in Sorbus subgen. Tormaria from Thuringia, Central Germany
From Thuringia, Central Germany, seven presumably apomictic microspecies were described within Sorbus subgen. Tormaria (Sorbusaria × torminalis,S. latifolia group): Sorbus acutiloba, S. acutisecta,Expand