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Proton dynamics in solid noradrenaline hydrochloride.
The temperature dependencies of the proton spin-lattice relaxation times and second moment of the 1H nuclear magnetic resonance line have been measured for noradrenaline hydrochloride. Two symmetricExpand
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Proton dynamics in solid dopamine and noradrenaline hydrochloride.
Proton spin-lattice relaxation times (T1) have been measured as a function of temperature for the following catecholamines: dopamine hydrochloride and adrenaline hydrochloride. For both substances aExpand
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1H NMR study of natural and partially deuterated ammonium hexachlorotellurate.
The proton spin-lattice relaxation times in natural and partially deuterated ammonium hexachlorotellurate have been measured. At high temperature (above 50 K) the relaxation curve reveals theExpand
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The proton relaxation timesT1 in binuclear copper complexes
Proton spin-lattice relaxation times as a function of temperature for two kinds of binuclear copper complexes with antiferromagnetic exchange interactionJS1S2 have been measured in order toExpand
1H NMR studies of molecular dynamics in polycrystalline catecholamines.
The proton dynamics in phenylephrine hydrochloride, isoprenaline hydrochloride and norephedrine hydrochloride have been monitored by measuring the temperature dependence of the 1H spin-latticeExpand
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