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A competency model for the assessment and delivery of spiritual care
Through the evaluation of a pilot study to familiarize staff with the Spiritual and Religious Care Competencies for Specialist Palliative Care developed by Marie Curie Cancer Care, the authors conclude that competencies are a viable and crucial first step in ‘earthing’ spiritual care in practice and evidencing this illusive area of care.
Phylogenomic analysis of a 55.1 kb 19-gene dataset resolves a monophyletic Fusarium that includes the Fusarium solani Species Complex.
The practical and scientific argument in support of a Fusarium that includes the FSSC and several other basal lineages is reasserted, consistent with the longstanding use of this name among plant pathologists, medical mycologists, quarantine officials, regulatory agencies, students and researchers with a stake in its taxonomy.
Developing spiritual and religious care competencies in practice: pilot of a Marie Curie blended learning event.
The development of a pilot blended learning event sought to integrate the Spiritual and Religious Care Competencies into practice by providing opportunities both online and in the classroom to explore this aspect of holistic care in depth.
Shifting Towards Inquiry-Orientated Learning in a High School Outreach Program
This paper presents results of an examination the effect of the introduction of inquiry-orientated learning, IOL, activities into the formal education outreach program for senior high school Physics
Men's Perceptions of Nurturing Behavior in other Men
87 young adult male students were randomly divided into two groups. One group read an account of a young man interacting with preschool-age children in a nurturing manner. The other group read a
Found in Translation: The Inuit Voice in Moravian Music
THE MOST HILARIOUS PARTY GAME of my pre-teen years was something we called “telephone.” A group of excitable nine-year-olds sat in a circle as we whispered a secret from person to person around the
Sex bias against male workers in day care
There is a continuing and persistent call for more men in early education and day care {Burtt, 1965; Kyselka, 1966; Peltier, 1968; Vairo, 1969; Johnston, 1970; Williams, 1970; Kendall, 1972; Sciarra,
What makes you say that
This study was undertaken during the high school outreach program, Kickstart Physics, where a total of 640 students from 57 schools across New South Wales in 2017 and 2018 attended a, excursion to