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Embeddings from the point of view of immersion theory
Let M and N be smooth manifolds. For an open V ⊂ M let emb(V,N) be the space of embeddings from V to N . By the results of Goodwillie [4], [5], [6] and Goodwillie–Klein [7], the cofunctor V 7→
The Local Structure of Algebraic K-Theory
Algebraic K-theory.- Gamma-spaces and S-algebras.- Reductions.- Topological Hochschild Homology.- The Trace K --> THH.- Topological Cyclic Homology.- The Comparison of K-theory and TC.
Calculus III: Taylor Series
We study functors from spaces to spaces or spectra that preserve weak homotopy equivalences. For each such functor we construct a universal n-excisive approximation, which may be thought of as its
A cohomological bound for the h-topology
<abstract abstract-type="TeX"><p>We show that if <i>X</i> is a <i>d</i>-dimensional noetherian scheme such that the residue field of <i>X</i> at every point has strict étale cohomological dimension ≤
Multiple disjunction for spaces of smooth embeddings
We obtain multirelative connectivity statements about spaces of smooth embeddings, deducing these from a similar result about spaces of Poincaré embeddings that was established in Goodwillie and