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The Deep Hot Biosphere
The deep, hot biosphere.
  • T. Gold
  • Geology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 6 November 1998
There are strong indications that microbial life is widespread at depth in the crust of the Earth, just as such life has been identified in numerous ocean vents, and one may even speculate that such life may be widely disseminated in the universe. Expand
Rotating Neutron Stars as the Origin of the Pulsating Radio Sources
The constancy of frequency in the recently discovered pulsed radio sources can be accounted for by the rotation of a neutron star. Because of the strong magnetic fields and high rotation speeds,Expand
Motions in the magnetosphere of the Earth
The conditions determining the dynamical behavior of the ionized gas in the outer atmosphere of the earth are discussed. It is proposed to call this region in which the magnetic field of the earthExpand
Rotating Neutron Stars and the Nature of Pulsars
Recent observations of pulsars support the rotating neutron star hypothesis.