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A Statistical Exploration of the Relationships of Soil Moisture Characteristics to the Physical Properties of Soils
Stochastic modeling of soil water fluxes in the absence of measured hydraulic parameters requires a knowledge of the expected distribution of the hydraulic parameters in different soil types.Expand
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Occurrence and fate of pharmaceutically active compounds in the environment, a case study: Höje River in Sweden.
Pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) in the environment lately have been acknowledged to constitute a health risk for humans and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Human and veterinaryExpand
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Modeling microbial processes in porous media
Abstract The incorporation of microbial processes into reactive transport models has generally proceeded along two separate lines of investigation: (1) transport of bacteria as inert colloids inExpand
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On the distribution of multicomponent mixtures over generalized exposure time in subsurface flow and reactive transport: Foundations, and formulations for groundwater age, chemical heterogeneity, and
The fate of materials undergoing transport and reactions in natural porous media sometimes depends on the time of exposure of the conveyed material to other materials present in the system. TheExpand
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Modeling the inactivation of particle-associated coliform bacteria
An equation was derived for describing the measured inactivation of particle-associated coliform bacteria in wastewater secondary effluent exposed to UV light disinfection. Parameters of importanceExpand
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The influence of physical heterogeneity on microbial degradation and distribution in porous media
Intermediate-scale experiments (meter-long, two-dimensional flow cell) were performed with aerobic biodegradation of benzoate substrate in physically heterogeneous (bimodal inclusive) media. ClasticExpand
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Processes in microbial transport in the natural subsurface
This is a review of physical, chemical, and biological processes governing microbial transport in the saturated subsurface. We begin with the conceptual models of the biophase that underlieExpand
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New collector efficiency equation for colloid filtration in both natural and engineered flow conditions
[1] A new equation for the collector efficiency (η) of the colloid filtration theory (CFT) is developed via nonlinear regression on the numerical data generated by a large number of LagrangianExpand
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Geochemical Estimates of Paleorecharge in the Pasco Basin: Evaluation of the Chloride Mass Balance Technique
The Pasco Basin in southeastern Washington State provides a unique hydrogeologic setting for evaluating the chloride mass balance technique for estimating recharge. This basin was affected by lateExpand
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