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A Space for Place in Sociology
Sociological studies sensitive to the issue of place are rarely labeled thus, and at the same time there are far too many of them to fit in this review. It may be a good thing that this research isExpand
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Cultural Boundaries of Science: Credibility on the Line
Why is science so credible? Usual answers centre on scientists' objective methods or their powerful instruments. This text argues that a better explanation for the cultural authority of science liesExpand
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Shaping Technology/Building Society: Studies in Sociotechnical Change
Technology is everywhere, yet a theory of technology and its social dimension remains to be fully developed. Building on the influential book The Social Construction of Technological Systems, thisExpand
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City as Truth-Spot
How does ‘place’ contribute to the credibility of scientific claims? The Chicago School of urban studies (1918-32) had close ties to the city for which it was named: its social scientists lived inExpand
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Scientists Protect their Cognitive Authority: The Status Degradation Ceremony of Sir Cyril Burt
Our inquiry begins with an observation by historian M.D. King, put forth in 1971 and then widely ignored: The sociologist…must discover the sources of scientific authority and the manner of itsExpand
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Biotechnology’s Private Parts (and Some Public Ones)
To what extent is contemporary science — for instance, biotechnology — a public or private thing? What does it mean for a science to be labelled public or private? Where should the responsibility forExpand
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Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought: Kepler to Einstein.
physics the human adventure from copernicus to einstein buy physics the human adventure from copernicus to einstein and beyond on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, relativity ofExpand
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Nicholas C. Mullins (1939-88)
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