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Quantum physics in one dimension
1. Peculiarities of d=1 2. Bosonization 3. Luttinger liquids 4. Refinements 5. Microscopic methods 6. Spin 1/2 chains 7. Interacting fermions on a lattice 8. Coupled fermionic chains 9. Disordered
MDW velocity measurements down to the so called creep regime show that the average energy barrier scales as $(1/H{)}^{\ensuremath{\mu}phantom}\phantom{\rule{0ex}{0ex}}=\phantom¬0ex}2/3$.
One dimensional bosons: From condensed matter systems to ultracold gases
The physics of one-dimensional interacting bosonic systems is reviewed. Beginning with results from exactly solvable models and computational approaches, the concept of bosonic Tomonaga-Luttinger
Quasiperiodic Bose-Hubbard model and localization in one-dimensional cold atomic gases
We compute the phase diagram of the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model with a quasiperiodic potential by means of the density-matrix renormalization group technique. This model describes the physics
Creep and depinning in disordered media
Elastic systems driven in a disordered medium exhibit a depinning transition at zero temperature and a creep regime at finite temperature and slow drive f. We derive functional renormalization-group
Quantum dynamics of impurities in a one-dimensional Bose gas
Using a species-selective dipole potential, we create initially localized impurities and investigate their interactions with a majority species of bosonic atoms in a one-dimensional configuration
Rise and fall of hidden string order of lattice bosons
We investigate the ground-state properties of a newly discovered phase of one-dimensional lattice bosons with extended interactions [E. G. Dalla Torre et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 260401 (2006)]. The
Quantum dynamics of a single, mobile spin impurity
One of the elementary processes in quantum magnetism is the propagation of spin excitations. Here we study the quantum dynamics of a deterministically created spin-impurity atom, as it propagates in
Localization and interaction in one-dimensional quantum fluids
We describe a renormalization group method to study the localized-delocalized transition of a one-dimensional interacting electron gas in a random potential. We obtain the phase diagram and the
Edge exponent in the dynamic spin structure factor of the Yang-Gaudin model
The dynamic spin structure factor S(k,omega) of a system of spin-1/2 bosons is investigated at arbitrary strength of the interparticle repulsion. As a function of omega it is shown to exhibit a