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Attentional capture by salient color singleton distractors is modulated by top-down dimensional set.
Three experiments examined whether salient color singleton distractors automatically interfere with the detection singleton form targets in visual search (e.g., J. Theeuwes, 1992), or whether theExpand
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Measurement of the noise generation at the trailing edge of porous airfoils
Owls are commonly known for their quiet flight, enabled by three adaptions of their wings and plumage: leading edge serrations, trailing edge fringes and a soft and elastic downy upper surface of theExpand
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Expectancies modulate attentional capture by salient color singletons
In singleton feature search for a form-defined target, the presentation of a task-irrelevant, but salient singleton color distractor is known to interfere with target detection [Theeuwes, J. (1991).Expand
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Cross-trial priming in visual search for singleton conjunction targets: Role of repeated target and distractor features
Kristjánsson, Wang, and Nakayama (2002) demonstrated that visual search for conjunctively defined targets can be substantially expedited (“primed”) when target and distractor features are repeated onExpand
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Memory under pressure: secondary-task effects on contextual cueing of visual search.
Repeated display configurations improve visual search. Recently, the question has arisen whether this contextual cueing effect (Chun & Jiang, 1998) is itself mediated by attention, both in terms ofExpand
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Trailing edge noise of partially porous airfoils
The use of porous trailing edges is one possible approach to reduce airfoil trailing edge noise. Past experiments on fully porous airfoil models showed that a noticeable noise reduction can beExpand
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Porous Airfoils: Noise Reduction and Boundary Layer Effects
The present paper describes acoustic and hot–wire measurements that were done in the aeroacoustic wind tunnel at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus on various SD7003–type airfoils madeExpand
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Application of a Beamforming Technique to the Measurement of Airfoil Leading Edge Noise
The present paper describes the use of microphone array technology and beamforming algorithms for the measurement and analysis of noise generated by the interaction of a turbulent flow with theExpand
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Contextual cueing of pop-out visual search: when context guides the deployment of attention.
Visual context information can guide attention in demanding (i.e., inefficient) search tasks. When participants are repeatedly presented with identically arranged ('repeated') displays, reactionExpand
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Cross-trial priming of element positions in visual pop-out search is dependent on stimulus arrangement.
Two experiments examined cross-trial positional priming (V. Maljkovic & K. Nakayama, 1994, 1996, 2000) in visual pop-out search. Experiment 1 used regularly arranged target and distractor displays,Expand
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