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Detection of circular polarization in light scattered from photosynthetic microbes
The identification of a universal biosignature that could be sensed remotely is critical to the prospects for success in the search for life elsewhere in the universe. A candidate universalExpand
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Knowledge Management: Best Practices in Europe
The article reviews the book "Knowledge Management: Best Practices in Europe," edited by Kai Mertins, Peter Heisig, and Jens Vorbeck.
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Compact and robust method for full Stokes spectropolarimetry.
We present an approach to spectropolarimetry that requires neither moving parts nor time dependent modulation, and that offers the prospect of achieving high sensitivity. The technique appliesExpand
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Circular polarization in scattered light as a possible biomarker
Biological molecules exhibit homochirality and are optically active. Therefore, it is possible that the scattering of light by biological molecules might result in a macroscopic signature in the formExpand
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Procedural Arrangement of Furniture for Real‐Time Walkthroughs
This paper presents a procedural approach to generate furniture arrangements for large virtual indoor scenes. Expand
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Remote Sensing of Chiral Signatures on Mars
We describe circular polarization as a remote sensing diagnostic of chiral signatures which may be applied to Mars. The remarkable phenomenon of homochirality provides a unique biosignature which canExpand
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Effect of bandwidth and numerical aperture in optical scatterometry
We consider the effects of finite spectral bandwidth and numerical aperture in scatterometry measurements and discuss efficient integration methods based upon Gaussian quadrature in one dimensionExpand
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Through-focus scanning-optical-microscope imaging method for nanoscale dimensional analysis.
We present a novel optical technique that produces nanometer dimensional measurement sensitivity using a conventional bright-field optical microscope, by analyzing through-focusExpand
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Improved method for calibrating a Stokes polarimeter.
We present a method for calibrating a polarization state analyzer that uses a set of well- characterized reference polarization states and makes no assumptions about the optics contained in theExpand
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Realizable differential matrices for depolarizing media.
  • T. Germer
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Optics letters
  • 1 March 2012
The evolution of a Stokes vector through depolarizing media is considered. A general form for the differential matrix is found that is appropriate in the presence of depolarization and it isExpand
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