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Structural systematics of 4,4'-disubstituted benzenesulfonamidobenzenes. 1. Overview and dimer-based isostructures.
One hundred 4,4'-disubstituted benzenesulfonamidobenzenes, X-C(6)H(5)-SO(2)-NH-C(6)H(5)-Y, where X, Y = NO(2), CN, CF(3), I, Br, Cl, F, H, Me, OMe, have been synthesized and their crystal structuresExpand
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Structure of uranium(VI) oxide dihydrate, UO3.2H2O; synthetic meta-schoepite (UO2)4O(OH)6.5H2O.
Structure of uranium(VI) oxide dihydrate, P03.2H20; synthetic meta-schoepite (UO2)40(OH)6.5H20 f The structure of uranium oxide dihydrate, also known as meta-schoepite (UO2)4O(OH)6.5H2O, has beenExpand
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A versatile procedure for the identification, description and quantification of structural similarity in molecular crystals
A method is described for the identification of similar “supramolecular constructs” (sub-components of complete crystal structures) of 0-, 1- or 2-dimensionality in different crystal structures ofExpand
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The characterisation of lead fatty acid soaps in ‘protrusions’ in aged traditional oil paint
Lead(II) carboxylate soaps of two fatty acids, palmitic (C15H31COOH) and stearic acids (C17H35COOH), and a dicarboxylic acid, azelaic acid (HOOCC7H14COOH), have been synthesised and characterised byExpand
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XPac dissimilarity parameters as quantitative descriptors of isostructurality: the case of fourteen 4,5′-substituted benzenesulfonamido-2-pyridines obtained by substituent interchange involving
Crystal structures of fourteen 4,5′-substituted benzenesulfonamido-2-pyridines, with tautomeric forms R1–C6H4–SO2–NC5NH4–R2 or R1–C6H4–SO2–NH–C5NH3–R2, and with R1 = CF3, I, Br, Cl, Me, F, H and R2 =Expand
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Conformational polymorphism in aripiprazole: Preparation, stability and structure of five modifications.
Five phase-pure modifications of the antipsychotic drug aripiprazole were prepared and characterized by thermal analysis, vibrational spectroscopy and X-ray diffractometry. All modifications can beExpand
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Stability of Solvates and Packing Systematics of Nine Crystal Forms of the Antipsychotic Drug Aripiprazole
A comprehensive characterization (thermal, spectroscopic, crystallographic, temperature- and moisture-dependent stability, and transition characteristics) of solvates of aripiprazole (APZ) withExpand
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High-Activity Catalysts for Suzuki Coupling and Amination Reactions with Deactivated Aryl Chloride Substrates: Importance of the Palladium Source.
A range of ortho-metalated catalysts with alkylphosphine ligands of the general formula [Pd(X)(κ2N,C-C6H4CH2NMe2)(PR3)] have been synthesized, and the crystal structures of five examples (R = Cy, X =Expand
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Crystal structures with a challenge: high-pressure crystallisation of ciprofloxacin sodium salts and their recovery to ambient pressure
Two novel sodium salts of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin were crystallised at pressures of 0.25 and 0.6 GPa and subsequently recovered to ambient pressure. The structures are the first reportedExpand
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