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Characterization of black pigment used in 30 BC fresco wall paint using instrumental methods and chemometry
Background and methodsSeveral standard powdered black pigments were characterized by means of thermogravimetry TG-DTG and allied techniques. These pigments were used to make standard plaster frescoesExpand
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Determination of antioxidant capacity of papaya fruit and papaya-based food and drug integrators, using a biosensor device and other analytical methods
Antioxidant and radical-scavenging properties are alleged to form the basis of the therapeutic properties attributed to the papaya and papaya-based food and drug integrators that have recentlyExpand
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Evaluation of the antioxidant and prooxidant properties of several commercial dry spices by different analytical methods
The antioxidant capacity of 12 different types of dry spices was determined using the following methods for each of them: the ORAC method, a recent biosensor method and the OXY-Adsorbent test.Expand
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An innovative organic phase enzyme electrode (OPEE) for the determination of ethanol in leadless petrols
Abstract A new biosensor for the determination of the ethanol content of liquids or organic solvents, such as leadless petrols has been developed. The new biosensor is also quite peculiar: it is a,Expand
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Manganese is an element of great importance in the life cycle of plants and animals. For example, it plays an essential role as an activator of various enzymatic systems such as isoenzymes ofExpand
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New approach to the differentiation of marble samples using thermal analysis and chemometrics in order to identify provenance
BackgroundThe possibility of applying a novel chemometric approach which could allow the differentiation of marble samples, all from different quarries located in the Mediterranean basin andExpand
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Characterization of wax manufactures of historical and artistic interest.
Purpose of this scientific research is the physic and chemical characterization of two historical wax manufactures, made at the end of XIX century by Francesco Bianchi, a papal engraver. The chemicalExpand
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A Superoxide Dismutase Biosensor for Measuring the Antioxidant Capacity of Blueberry-Based Integrators
The antioxidant capacity of capsules containing blueberry based products sold in drugstores owing to the high antioxidant capacity were analysed using special electrochemical method based on aExpand
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Applications of Instrumental Analysis and Chemometry to Old Roman Mortars and Stuccos
Small quantities of roman mortars and stuccoes from the Theatre of Marcellus and Porticus of Octavia were subjected to different instrumental techniques, thermogravimetric analysis (TG, DTG),Expand
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Further applications of a new biosensor method for dating cellulosic finds.
Using a cellulosic material dating method recently proposed by three of the authors of the present article further applications to real samples are discussed. In the first instance, to wood samples,Expand
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