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What is mass in desitterian physics
In the present paper we discuss the relevance for de Sitter fields of the mass and spin interpretation of the parameters appearing in the theory. We show that these apparently conceptualExpand
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“Massive” spin-2 field in de Sitter space
In this paper we present a covariant quantization of the “massive” spin-2 field on de Sitter (dS) space. By “massive” we mean a field which carries a specific principal series representation of theExpand
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de Sitter waves and the zero curvature limit
We show that a particular set of global modes for the massive de Sitter scalar field (the de Sitter waves) allows us to manage the group representations and the Fourier transform in the flatExpand
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“Massless” vector field in de Sitter universe
We proceed to the quantization of the massless vector field in the de Sitter (dS) space. This work is the natural continuation of a previous article devoted to the quantization of the dS massiveExpand
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Quantization of the Sphere with Coherent States
Current views link quantization with dynamics. The reason is that quantum mechanics or quantum field theories address to dynamical systems, i.e., particles or fields. Our point of view here breaksExpand
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Examples of Berezin-Toeplitz Quantization: Finite sets and Unit Interval
We present a quantization scheme of an arbitrary measure space based on overcomplete families of states and generalizing the Klauder and the Berezin-Toeplitz approaches. This scheme could revealExpand
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Krein space quantization in curved and flat spacetimes
We re-examine in detail a canonical quantization method a la Gupta–Bleuler in which the Fock space is built over a so-called Krein space. This method has already been successfully applied to theExpand
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Quantization of the sphere with coherent states preprintAPS / CS
preprintAPS/CS Marc Lachièze Rey, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Eric Huguet, Jacques Renaud and Tarik Garidi, 1Fédération de Recherches Astroparticules et Cosmologie Boite 7020, Université Paris 7 DenisExpand