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It all began with an error: the nomofungin/communesin story.
The communesin/nomofungin/perophoramidine story is an impressive example of how biogenetic considerations can lead to the correction of structural misassignments and inspire synthetic chemists withExpand
Application of the Rodriguez-Pattenden photo-ring contraction: total synthesis and configurational reassignment of 11-gorgiacerol and 11-epigorgiacerol.
A stereospecific photochemical ring contraction was used as the key step in the first total synthesis of the marine pseudopteranyl diterpene 11-gorgiacerol and its 11-epimer. The synthesis allowedExpand
Aiming for the ideal synthesis.
  • T. Gaich, P. Baran
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The Journal of organic chemistry
  • 11 June 2010
This perspective presents a simple and informative definition of "ideality" and demonstrates its use during the self-evaluation of several syntheses from the laboratory. Expand
Enantioselective total syntheses of (-)-palau'amine, (-)-axinellamines, and (-)-massadines.
This full account will follow the progression of efforts that culminated in the enantioselective total syntheses of the most structurally ornate members of this family: the axinellamines, the massadines, and palau'amine. Expand
Cyclohepta[b]indoles: A Privileged Structure Motif in Natural Products and Drug Design.
The methodological progress in the field is contrasted with the actual successful application of the newly developed methods to the synthesis of complex structures to pinpoint the urgent requirement for further synthetic development for efficient synthetic design of this "privileged" structure motif. Expand
The Akuammiline Alkaloids; Origin and Synthesis
Due to their structural diversity, elegant polycyclic molecular architecture, and biological activity, the indole alkaloids have been investigated by organic chemists over the last century. The firstExpand
Total synthesis of (-)-Penifulvin A, an insecticide with a dioxafenestrane skeleton.
  • T. Gaich, J. Mulzer
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 21 January 2009
The first total synthesis of Penifulvin A, a sesquiterpenoid with a novel dioxa-fenestrane structure, is reported, a potent insecticide against the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda which causes enormous damage in the US by consuming foliage of a variety of field crops. Expand
Recent applications of the divinylcyclopropane–cycloheptadiene rearrangement in organic synthesis
The application of the divinylcyclopropane–cycloheptadiene rearrangement in synthetic organic chemistry is summarized and a brief overview of the new mechanistic insights concerning the title reaction is provided. Expand
The Witkop cyclization: a photoinduced C-H activation of the indole system.
The following review details synthetic efforts using the Witkop cyclization, and aims to incite further applications of reaction in the synthesis of complex molecular architectures. Expand