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Governance, good governance and global governance: Conceptual and actual challenges
This article takes seriously the proposition that ideas and concepts, both good and bad, have an impact on international public policy. It situates the emergence of governance, good governance andExpand
Principles, Politics, and Humanitarian Action
The tragedies of the past decade have led to an identity crisis among humanitarians. Respecting traditional principles of neutrality and impartiality and operating procedures based on consent hasExpand
Humanitarian Intervention: Ideas in Action
* Table of Contents * About the Author * List of Abbreviations * Foreword by Gareth Evans * Acknowledgements * Introduction *1 Conceptual Building Blocks * *2 "Humanitarian" Interventions: ThumbnailExpand
Political gain and civilian pain : humanitarian impacts of economic sanctions
These two books are part of the impressive peace research output of the Fourth Freedom Forum, the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, and Brown University's Watson Institute forExpand
Ahead of the Curve?: UN Ideas and Global Challenges
Introduction Four Powerful Ideas and the Early Years Development Hits Its Stride Employment Creation and Basic Needs UN World Conferences and Global Challenges Current Orthodoxy, The New SocialExpand
The Sunset of Humanitarian Intervention? The Responsibility to Protect in a Unipolar Era
In spite of the current preoccupations, in the United States and in the United Nations, with the wars on terrorism and the occupation in Iraq, humanitarian intervention remains an important policyExpand
Pluralising global governance: analytical approaches and dimensions
Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) have in increasing numbers injected unexpected voices into international discourse about numerous problems of global scope. Especially during the last 20 years,Expand
Military-Civilian Interactions: Intervening in Humanitarian Crises
Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Armed Forces and Humanitarian Action: Present and Past Chapter 3 Framework for Estimating Military Costs and Civilian Benefits from Intervention Chapter 4 NorthernExpand