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A new nomenclature for the aldo-keto reductase superfamily.
The aldo-keto reductases (AKRs) represent a growing oxidoreductase superfamily. Forty proteins have been identified and characterized as AKRs, and an additional fourteen genes may encode proteinsExpand
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The amino acid sequence of an atrial peptide with potent diuretic and natriuretic properties.
A 28 amino acid peptide with diuretic and natriuretic activity has been purified from rat atrial muscle. The primary structure of this atrial peptide isExpand
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Human aldose reductase and human small intestine aldose reductase are efficient retinal reductases: consequences for retinoid metabolism.
Aldo-keto reductases (AKRs) are NAD(P)H-dependent oxidoreductases that catalyse the reduction of a variety of carbonyl compounds, such as carbohydrates, aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes and steroids.Expand
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The aldo-keto reductases: an overview.
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Secretion of atrial natriuretic peptide and vasopressin by small cell lung cancer
Background. Hyponatremia in patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a common clinical problem usually attributed to tumor secretion of arginine vasopressin (AVP). It recently was shown thatExpand
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Cardionatrin I - a novel heart peptide with potent diuretic and natriuretic properties.
Rat atrial muscle extracts are able to induce a powerful diuretic and natriuretic response. In the present work it was found that when rat atrial extracts are subjected to reverse phase-high pressureExpand
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Aldehyde reductases: monomeric NADPH-dependent oxidoreductases with multifunctional potential.
  • T. G. Flynn
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  • 1 September 1982
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Alignment of rat cardionatrin sequences with the preprocardionatrin sequence from complementary DNA.
Mammalian atria contain peptides that promote the excretion of salt and water from the kidney. When rat atrial tissue is extracted under conditions known to inhibit proteolysis, four natriureticExpand
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Photoaffinity labeling of atrial natriuretic factor receptors of rat kidney cortex plasma membranes.
Synthetic rat atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) was derivatized with the N-hydroxysuccinimide ester of [125I]iodoazidosalicylic acid to yield a radioactive photoaffinity probe. Incubation of purifiedExpand
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Studies on pig muscle aldose reductase. Kinetic mechanism and evidence for a slow conformational change upon coenzyme binding.
Steady state kinetic analysis at pH 7.0 of the reduction of DL-glyceraldehyde by pig muscle aldose reductase showed that the enzyme follows a sequential ordered mechanism with NADPH binding first.Expand
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