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Substrate binding, deprotonation, and selectivity at the periplasmic entrance of the Escherichia coli ammonia channel AmtB
It is concluded that substrate deprotonation is an essential part of the conduction mechanism, but the possibility of net electrogenic transport is not ruled out. Expand
Literature, Science and Exploration in the Romantic Era: Bodies of Knowledge
In 1768, Captain James Cook made the most important scientific voyage of the eighteenth century. He was not alone: scores of explorers like Cook, travelling in the name of science, brought new worldsExpand
The Late Poetry of the Lake Poets: Romanticism Revised
Introduction Part I. Southey: 1. The Lake Poets and the picturesque view: the visual turn in the late Southey 2. Poetic hells and pacific edens: Southey's Tale of Paraguay and Byron's The Island PartExpand
The electrifying Mrs Robinson
Abstract This article investigates Robinson's association with one of the most notorious “shows of London” in the 1780s. Dr James Graham's Temple of Health and Hymen featured lectures on sexualExpand
Science and Poetry in 1790s Somerset: The Self-Experiment Narrative, the Aeriform Effusion, and the Greater Romantic Lyric
Abstract:This article reads the so-called Greater Romantic lyric, or conversation poem, in the context of a culture of enquiry in 1790s Bristol. In this culture, I argue, poems and scientificExpand
Ammonium Transport Proteins with Changes in One of the Conserved Pore Histidines Have Different Performance in Ammonia and Methylamine Conduction
In vivo results showed that a single change of either of the conserved histidine residues to alanine leads to the failure to transport methylamine but still facilitates good growth on ammonia, whereas double histidine variants completely lose their ability to transport both ammonia and ammonia. Expand
Romanticism and millenarianism
Millenarianism and the Study of Romanticism T.Fulford Cowper's Ends A.Rounce 'To Milton's Trump': Coleridge's Unitarian Sublime and the Miltonic Apocalypse P.J.Kitson Romantic Apocalypses J.Beer TheExpand
Apocalyptic economics and prophetic politics: radical and romantic responses to Malthus and Burke
We will do some Michief if you don't lower the Brade for we cannot live.... We have give you a fair offer to do it before you don have your Town & Towns set on fire ... we will begin on the One EndExpand
Wordsworth: the ‘Time Dismantled Oak’?
Coleridge modified Burke for a new era. Coleridge altered his versions of masculinity in politics and language. He relocated chivalry, in response to the work of Cobbett and the events of 1820. WhatExpand