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Immunohistochemical analyses of p63 expression in cutaneous tumours
Vulvar syringoma: a clinicopathologic and immunohistologic study of 18 patients and results of treatment, and inhibitory action of tranilast, an anti-allergic drug, on the release of cytokines and PGE2 from human monocytes-macrophages.
Effects of fatty acids, fatty amines and propylene glycol on rat stratum corneum lipids and proteins in vitro measured by fourier transform infrared/attenuated total reflection (FT-IR/ATR)
Fourier transform infrared/attenuated total reflection (FT-IR/ATR) spectroscopy was used to examine the effect of fatty acids, fatty amines and propylene glycol (PG) on the molecular mobility of rat
Internal friction of compressed pharmaceutical powders observed in terms of the die wall pressure.
The internal friction of powders was examined during tablet preparation for lactose and phenacetin as base materials and for potassium chloride, potassium bromide and sodium chloride as model samples to find the state of the whole bed of powder was found to be plastic.
Pharmacodynamics of chlorzoxazone in rats.
Pharmacological effect-time profiles of a centrally acting muscle relaxant, chlorzoxazone, were evaluated by both rotarod and crossed extensor reflex methods and the CER method proved to be of use for assessing the drug response based on the dose-independent kinetics with high sensitivity.
Influence of alpha-chloralose on muscle relaxant effect of chlorzoxazone in rats and pharmacodynamic analysis.
Pharmacodynamic analysis offered the results that the dose-normalized biophase levels of CZX were coincident with each other when CZX was given at three different doses under ACH anesthesia at the dose of 80 mg/kg, which implied that pharmacological response intensity was reasonably related to the relative biophases CZX level via Hill's equation.
Relation of disposition kinetics to pharmacological effect of intravenous administration of chlorzoxazone in rats.
The quantitative relationship between a drug disposition and the pharmacological effect was examined in rats using chlorzoxazone, a centrally acting muscle relaxant, as a model drug and it was found that the biophase compartment was identical to the central compartment as long as the first order processes were proceeding.
Coating of pharmaceutical powders by fluidized bed process. II. Microcapsules produced by layering of fine powder on coarse particles and subsequent aqueous enteric coating.
The results showed that when PVP was used as the binder, the enteric coating through the layering process was sufficiently protective against the release of both phenacetin and lactose at the 50% coating level.
Stabilizing effects of some amino acids on membranes of rabbit erythrocytes perturbed by chlorpromazine.
The results suggest that amino acids stabilize the membranes of the erythrocytes by inhibiting the osmotic water transfer from the outside to the inside of the cells.
Physical characterization of erythromycin dihydrate, anhydrate and amorphous solid and their dissolution properties
Three erythromycin solids were characterized. In differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), the anhydrate exhibited only a melting endotherm at 193°C. The dihydrate was desolvated at temperatures
Computer simulation of agglomeration in the Wurster process.
A simplified model for computer simulation of agglomeration in the Wurster coating process was constructed using droplet size distribution and the relation between the size of agglomerates and the