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The cerebral hemodynamic response to electrically induced seizures in man
The hemodynamic response to seizure has long been a topic for discussion in association with the neuronal damage resulting from convulsion. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is an appropriate clinicalExpand
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Distribution of serotonin-immunoreactive paraneurons in the lower urinary tract of dogs.
Morphological and quantitative studies were made on serotonin-containing paraneurons throughout the lower urinary tract in male and female dogs. Using an anti-serotonin antiserum, the cells wereExpand
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Vacuum-sintered body of a novel apatite for artificial bone
We produced regenerative artificial bone material and bone parts using vacuum-sintered bodies of a novel apatite called “Titanium medical apatite (TMA®)” for biomedical applications. TMA was formedExpand
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[Comparison between real-time pollen monitor KH-3000 and Burkard sampler].
Special apparatus capable of instantly measuring airborne Cryptomeria japonica pollen grains were recently appeared on the market. We examined one of them called real-time pollen monitor KH-3000Expand
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Estimation of thyroid function by timing the arterial sounds.
The timing of the Korotkoff arterial sounds with reference to the electrocardiogram provides an objective index of thyroid function which is precise, accurate, rapid, innocuous, inexpensive, andExpand
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Impairment of the Brain β-Adrenergic System during Experimental Endotoxemia
Brain dysfunction is observed clinically in patients suffering from prolonged endotoxic shock. However, the etiology of brain dysfunction during sepsis is not clear. Certain researchers have reportedExpand
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A successfully treated case of multiple liver abscesses accompanied by portal venous gas.
A case with multiple liver abscess accompanied by massive portal venous gas is reported. A 61-yr-old male was admitted because of left lower abdominal pain, fever, and diarrhea. Abdominal x-rayExpand
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Association of isolated adrenocorticotropin deficiency with a variety of neuro-somatic abnormalities in congenital facial diplegia (Moebius) syndrome.
A male patient with recurring episodes of hypoglycemic attacks was diagnosed as having isolated ACTH deficiency as well as renal glycosuria and ichthyosis vulgaris. In addition, he had facialExpand
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