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Electron transport through double quantum dots
Electron transport experiments on two lateral quantum dots coupled in series are reviewed. An introduction to the charge stability diagram is given in terms of the electrochemical potentials of bothExpand
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Coherent manipulation of electronic States in a double quantum dot.
We investigate coherent time evolution of charge states (pseudospin qubit) in a semiconductor double quantum dot. This fully tunable qubit is manipulated with a high-speed voltage pulse that controlsExpand
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Microwave spectroscopy of a quantum-dot molecule
Quantum dots are small conductive regions in a semiconductor, containing a variable number of electrons (from one to a thousand) that occupy well-defined, discrete quantum states—for which reasonExpand
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Coherent zero-state and π-state in an exciton–polariton condensate array
The effect of quantum statistics in quantum gases and liquids results in observable collective properties among many-particle systems. One prime example is Bose–Einstein condensation, whose onset inExpand
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Observation of Bogoliubov excitations in exciton-polariton condensates
The observation of so-called Bogoliubov excitations provides the first sign of possible superfluid behaviour in an exciton-polariton condensate. Einstein’s 1925 paper predicted the occurrence ofExpand
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Allowed and forbidden transitions in artificial hydrogen and helium atoms
The strength of radiative transitions in atoms is governed by selection rules that depend on the occupation of atomic orbitals with electrons. Experiments have shown similar electron occupation ofExpand
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Time-dependent single-electron transport through quantum dots
We describe time-dependent single-electron transport through quantum dots in the Coulomb blockade regime. Coherent dynamics of a single charge qubit in a double quantum dot is discussed with fullExpand
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Pauli-spin-blockade transport through a silicon double quantum dot
We present measurements of resonant tunneling through discrete energy levels of a silicon double quantum dot formed in a thin silicon-on-insulator layer. In the absence of piezoelectric phononExpand
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Correlated coherent oscillations in coupled semiconductor charge qubits.
We study coherent dynamics of two spatially separated electrons in a coupled semiconductor double quantum dot (DQD). Coherent oscillations in one DQD are strongly influenced by electronic states ofExpand
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Surface-acoustic-wave-induced transport in a double quantum dot.
We report on nonadiabatic transport through a double quantum dot under irradiation of surface acoustic waves generated on chip. At low excitation powers, absorption and emission of single andExpand
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