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Prevalence, onset and comorbidity of postpartum anxiety and depressive disorders
Objective:  The study presents data on the 3‐month prevalences of postpartum anxiety disorders (PAD) and postpartum depressive disorders (PDD) and their comorbidity in a German community sample.
Temporality and psychopathology
The paper first introduces the concept of implicit and explicit temporality, referring to time as pre-reflectively lived vs. consciously experienced. Implicit time is based on the constitutive
Corporealized and Disembodied Minds: A Phenomenological View of the Body in Melancholia and Schizophrenia
The article starts with a phenomenological account of the implicit functioning of the body in everyday perception and performance, turning the physical body into a living medium of the subject's
Fragmented Selves: Temporality and Identity in Borderline Personality Disorder
  • T. Fuchs
  • Psychology
  • 25 July 2007
The paper outlines the concept of narrative identity and explores its disturbances in borderline personality disorder and concludes that the increasing prevalence of these disorders is linked to the development of a mainly externally driven, fragmented character in post-modern society.
Enactive intersubjectivity: Participatory sense-making and mutual incorporation
Current theories of social cognition are mainly based on a representationalist view. Moreover, they focus on a rather sophisticated and limited aspect of understanding others, i.e. on how we predict
Intercorporeality and Interaffectivity
According to phenomenological and enactive approaches, human sociality does not start from isolated individuals, but from intercorporeality and interaffectivity. To elaborate this concept, the paper
Phenomenology and Psychopathology
As the systematic project of investigating the structures of subjective experience, phenomenology may also be considered the foundational science for psychopathology. Though it methodically suspends
Embodied affectivity: on moving and being moved
There is a growing body of research indicating that bodily sensation and behavior strongly influences one's emotional reaction toward certain situations or objects. On this background, a framework