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A Comparison of Model-Scale Experimental Measurements and Computational Predictions for a Large Transom-Stern Wave
The flow field generated by a transom stern hull form is a complex, broad-banded, three-dimensional system marked by a large breaking wave. This unsteady multiphase turbulent flow feature isExpand
A Comparison of Measured and Predicted Wave-Impact Pressures from Breaking and Non-breaking Waves
Impact loads from waves on vessels and coastal structures are complex and may involve wave breaking, which has made these loads difficult to estimate numerically or empirically. Results from previousExpand
PIV Measurements of the Cross-Flow Velocity Field Around a Turning Submarine Model (ONR Body-1). Part 1. Experimental Setup
Abstract : Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), a quantitative flow visualization technique, was utilized to characterize the flow field around a sting-mounted captive model in a steady turn. TheExpand
An Experimental Examination of the 2D+T Approximation
Measurements of contact line height and longitudinal wave profiles from experiments with a three-dimensional naval ship model and experiments using a 2D+T wave maker with motions approximating theExpand
Radar Measurement of Ocean Waves
Over the past two decades a number of advances have been made in the use of radar systems for the measurement of ocean waves, building on early work at universities and the Naval Research Lab (NRL)Expand
A Comparison of Experimental Measurements and Computational Predictions of a Deep-V Planing Hull
In order to support development of computational fluid dynamics codes for high-speed, small-craft applications, laboratory experiments were performed on a representative of Deep-V planing craftExpand
Characterization of the Bubble Flow and Transom Wave of the R/V Athena I
Abstract : The bubble flow and transom wave associated with the naval research vessel Athena I was characterized during a field experiment conducted in June 2005 by several research groups. TheExpand
Shipboard Measurement of Ocean Waves
Over the past several years a number of techniques have been utilized for the measurement of ocean waves from shipboard platforms. These systems have ranged from commercial off the shelf (COTS)Expand
Measurements of Surface Waves Using Low-Grazing Angle High-Resolution Pulse-Doppler Radar
Techniques for extracting surface wave characteristics from radar backscatter have been investigated and improved over the last several decades. Much of this research has focused on the use ofExpand