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Separable evoked retinal and cortical potentials from each major visual pathway: preliminary results.
Single cell experiments in primates show that there are two major parallel pathways named after the lamination in the lateral geniculate nucleus. Each of these systems can be preferentially excitedExpand
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Variation in stereoacuity: normative description, fixation disparity, and the roles of aging and gender.
PURPOSE Variation in stereoacuity was examined in a large group of observers with Snellen acuity of 20/30 or less. METHODS Threshold retinal disparity for 2.78 degrees x 2.28 degrees rectangularExpand
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Amacrine cells in Necturus retina: evidence for independent gamma-aminobutyric acid- and glycine-releasing neurons.
About one-half of on-off ganglion cells have inhibitory postsynaptic potentials (IPSP's) which are blocked by strychnine, while the remainder have IPSP's which are blocked by picrotoxin orExpand
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Inhibitory influence of unstimulated rods in the human retina: evidence provided by examining cone flicker.
In the parafoveal retina of human observers, cone-mediated sensitivity to flicker decreases as rods become progressively more dark-adapted. This effect is greatest when a rod response to flicker isExpand
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Suppressive rod-cone interaction in distal vertebrate retina: intracellular records from Xenopus and Necturus.
The influence of dim diffuse adapting fields upon the sensitivity to focal photic stimulation was studied by means of intracellular recording in retinal neurons of the south african clawed frog,Expand
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Calibration of the retinal illuminance provided by maxwellian views
This article describes a new procedure for calibrating the retinal illuminance provided by a Maxwellian view optical system. Expand
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Functional role of GABA in cat retina: II. Effects of GABAA antagonists.
Putative GABAergic mechanisms were studied in the cat retina by exogenous application of the GABAA antagonists picrotoxin (PTX), native bicuculline (BCC), and bicuculline methyl bromide (BCC MeBr).Expand
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Action and localization of gamma‐aminobutyric acid in the cat retina.
The effects of iontophoretically applied GABA (gamma‐aminobutyric acid) and bicuculline on retinal ganglion cells were studied in the optically intact eye of the anaesthetized cat. GABA suppressedExpand
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