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An international network to monitor the structure, composition and dynamics of Amazonian forests (RAINFOR)
Abstract The Amazon basin is likely to be increasingly affected by environmental changes: higher temperatures, changes in precipitation, CO2 fertilization and habitat fragmentation. To examine theExpand
COVID-19 and the case for global development
Abstract COVID-19 accentuates the case for a global, rather than an international, development paradigm. The novel disease is a prime example of a development challenge for all countries,Expand
Corporate Social Responsibility and Political Settlements in the Mining Sector in Ghana, Zambia and Peru
This paper explores and compares the political effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the mining sector in Zambia, Ghana and Peru. The paper adopts a political settlements approach toExpand
Corporate social responsibility, risk and development in the mining industry
Abstract In this article I examine how metals mining companies understand and act upon CSR as risk management and the consequences for community CSR projects. I begin by exploring the literature onExpand
Political settlements, the mining industry and corporate social responsibility in developing countries
Abstract In this paper I take a ‘political settlements’ approach to examining the political effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in developing countries. The political settlementsExpand
'Order out of chaos': Resources, hazards and the production of a tin-mining economy in northern Nigeria in the early twentieth century
This paper examines the development of commercial tin mining in northern Nigeria in the early 20th century. It recounts how a fundamentally unknown space ? an underground zone lying at the edge ofExpand
Unearthing Rule - mining, power and the political ecology of extraction in colonial Zambia
This thesis examines the co-production of social inequality and an extractive space on the Zambian Copperbelt in the early twentieth-century. The rapidity and scale of the development ofExpand