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The Influence of Cellulose Content on Tensile Strength in Tree Roots
Root tensile strength is an important factor to consider when choosing suitable species for reinforcing soil on unstable slopes. Tensile strength has been found to increase with decreasing rootExpand
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Desirable plant root traits for protecting natural and engineered slopes against landslides
Slope stability models traditionally use simple indicators of root system structure and strength when vegetation is included as a factor. However, additional root system traits should be consideredExpand
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Development of an individual tree-based mechanical model to predict wind damage within forest stands
Abstract Models predicting forest stand wind-firmness are usually based on the calculation of a critical wind speed above which the mean tree of a stand is broken or uprooted. This approach is wellExpand
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Root reinforcement in plantations of Cryptomeria japonica D. Don: effect of tree age and stand structure on slope stability
The role of vegetation in preventing shallow soil mass movement is now fairly well understood, particularly at the individual plant level. However, how soil is reinforced on a larger scale and theExpand
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Root architecture and wind-firmness of mature Pinus pinaster.
This study aims to link three-dimensional coarse root architecture to tree stability in mature timber trees with an average of 1-m rooting depth. Undamaged and uprooted trees were sampled in a standExpand
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A Numerical Investigation into the Influence of Soil Type and Root Architecture on Tree Anchorage
The influence of root morphology and soil type on the mechanical behaviour of tree anchorage was investigated through numerical modelling. We developed a simple computer program to constructExpand
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A numerical investigation into factors affecting the anchorage of roots in tension
Summary The arrangement of a plant’s roots in the soil determines the ability of the plant to resist uprooting. We have investigated the influence of root morphology on anchorage using simpleExpand
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Crown structure and wood properties: Influence on tree sway and response to high winds.
Wind can alter plant growth and cause extensive, irreversible damage in forested areas. To better understand how to mitigate the effects of wind action, we investigated the sensitivity of treeExpand
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Effect of spatial variation of tree root characteristics on slope stability. A case study on Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) and Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis) stands on the Loess Plateau,
Vegetation is widely used for controlling shallow landslides. The mechanisms by which roots increase apparent soil cohesion is well documented and many values of root additional cohesion areExpand
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The influence of plant diversity on slope stability in a moist evergreen deciduous forest.
The influence of plant diversity on slope stability was investigated at early phases of succession in a mixed forest in Sichuan, China. The first phase comprised big node bamboo (PhyllostachysExpand
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