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Antecedents and Consequences of Burnout in Accounting: Beyond the Role Stress Model
The burnout condition of employees is a well-known phenomenon in psychology and several applied business disciplines. Despite some degree of recognition in the practice community, little explicitExpand
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Financial analysts' reports: an extended institutional theory evaluation
Abstract Financial analysts employed by securities firms play an important role in the capital markets. Most importantly, the reports that they produce are given great consequence by many marketExpand
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Coordination and Control in a Government Agency: Contingency and Institutional Theory Perspectives on GAO Audits
The authors thank Richard Bord, Anthony Hopwood, James Thies, N. S. Umanath, Marshall Meyer, and the anonymous reviewers for their useful suggestions. They also thank the United States GeneralExpand
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The imagery and reality of peer review in the U.S.: Insights from institutional theory
Abstract Despite many challenges and highly visible failings, accountants in the U.S. continue to be a selfregulating profession. In large part, this can be attributed to the emergence and acceptanceExpand
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Financial accounting standard setting as an institutionalized action field: Constraints, opportunities and dilemmas
Abstract Institutional theory suggests that organizational action should be understood as attempts to attain societal legitemacy and maintain credibility with external constituents. Applying thisExpand
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Organizational socialization in accounting firms: A theoretical framework and agenda for future research
Abstract Despite the importance of the socialization of staff members in accounting firms to prospects of organizational success, very little systematic theoretical or empirical work has developed inExpand
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Socialization and Organizational Outcomes in Large Public Accounting Firms
Organizational socialization describes the preparation of individuals for service as participants in business enterprises. This process entails mastery of critical skills required for effectiveExpand
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The World’s Newest Profession
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Culture and accounting in Indonesia: An empirical examination
Abstract This study examines the relationships among the cultural characteristics of Indonesian society, reporting practices of Indonesian firms, and accounting standards promulgated by theExpand
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Accountancy before the fall: The AICPA vision project and related professional enterprises
Abstract This paper examines the AICPA Vision Project, understanding this both as a professional project aimed at repositioning the identity and practice of accountants, and as a window into theExpand
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