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Towards a research agenda for geoprocessing services
Geoprocessing services are currently a hot topic in research and industry for enabling the dynamic generation of web-based geoinformation in Spatial Data Infrastructures. An overview and an in-depthExpand
A declarative model for Sensor Interface Descriptors (SID) based on OGC’s SensorML standard is presented here and is the basis for realizing the vision of sensor plug & play and will make sensors on-the-fly available on the Sensor Web. Expand
The Geoprocessing Web
A comprehensive overview about the state-of-the-art architecture and technologies, and the most recent developments in the Geoprocessing Web is provided. Expand
Establishing an OGC Web Processing Service for generalization processes
This work investigates possibilities and limitations of the WPS specification with respect to requirements of generalization applications and research, and presents the architecture of the developed WPS and shows how its implementation enables a research platform for generalization by addressing technical and organizational aspects. Expand
A client for distributed geo-processing and workflow design
A client is missing which allows the integration of existing OGC web services without specifying additional descriptions such as WSDL documents for all participants in BPEL workflows and thereby bridging the OGC and ‘mainstream’ IT world. Expand
RESTful Web Processing Service
User-generated content is currently stored and shared by so-called RESTful Web Services. To allow users to process their data in a seamless fashion a RESTful Web Service interface for webbasedExpand
Future SDI - Impulses from Geoinformatics Research and IT Trends
A conceptual view of the dynamics of both SDIs and the Geospatial Web is given, and a picture of the SDI of the future is presented, one which benefits from these developments, based on an analysis of geoinformatics research topics and current ICT trends. Expand
Towards Spatial Data Infrastructures in the Clouds
This paper reviews this novel technology and identifies the paradigm behind it with regard to Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs), which can be regarded as a future direction for SDIs to enable geospatial cloud interoperability. Expand
Towards a formal classification of generalization operators
A classification framework for generalization operators is proposed by integrating the commonly accepted generalization model of Gruenreich with generic geo-data models (ISO 19109 & OGC GO-1 Application Objects) by integrating these geodata models. Expand
Geospatial Web Services for Distributed Processing: Applications and Scenarios
This chapter provides an overview of the current state-of-the-art approach of distributed geoprocessing by describing the related concepts, such as the OGC Web Processing Service, workflows, Quality of Service and legacy system integration. Expand